Next Level Chef Recap for 2/8/2024

Next Level Chef Recap for 2/8/2024

Next Level Chef Recap for 2/8/2024

-It is the final audition night on Fox’s Next Level Chef. Tonight, it is the professional chefs’ chance to proof they have what it takes to be on the show.


Round 1:

-Bottom level has them using bottom of the barrel food and equipment, at least by chef standards. Most of them must think out of the box in order to make a decent meal.

-Zach is from Maui and is now rebuilding his life after the horrific wildfires. He lost everything but is grateful to be alive, using his skills to give farm to table food to those who are displaced.

-Summer is competing while six months pregnant.

-Ari is attempting to make meatballs out of hot dogs.

-Chris is the son of a Michelin star chef who got into cooking when his father had him work as a dishwasher post-juvie.

-Before long, it is time to taste the dishes. Ari’s dish is a hit, while Jennie’s meat and chickpea pasta dish is inconsistent.

-Zach’s dish is also a hit, while Charity’s is a bit all over the place.

-Angela’s dish is also delicious, as are Von’s and Chris’s.

-I missed Summer’s dish?

-Zach, Ari and Von are in the next level. Angela, Chris and Charity are also moving on.

-Summer and Jennie are in the bottom two, with Jennie going home.


Round 2:

-This is the middle of the road round. They must make a fast, casual meal in 20 minutes.

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-Ari is a model turned chef who is self-taught.

-Summer confuses cilantro and parsley.

-Von is a no rules chef who opened a restaurant with his mom.

-Angela gets hurt and needs a medic….and leaves her pork chop on the oven… burn.

-Before long, it is time to taste the food. Chris and Von continue to impress.

-Charity’s chicken is charred on the outside, but moist, while Angela’s pork chop is overcooked.

-Zach’s fish is beautifully cooked, while Summer’s clam dish is missing the juice.

-Ari’s meat is a bit overcooked.

-Von, Zach and Chris are on the top level, along with Angela and Ari.

-Summer and Angela are in the bottom two, with Summer going home.


Round 3:

-This is the top level with the best ingredients and appliances.

-Angela gets pork again, much to her chagrin.

-Von spills food, but powers through with his plan B.

-Angela struggles with her pork again, adding more stress to her life.

-This round seems to go extra-fast!

-Ari’s fish is beautifully cooked, much to her relief.

-Zach’s steak is a bit under-seasoned, while Von’s NY strip and sides has good flavor.

-Angela’s pork is beautifully cooked, but the rice is bland.

-Chris’s fish is well-cooked, while Charity’s prawns are overcooked.

-Ari, Chris, Zach and Von are in the next round, with Angela and Charity in the bottom two.

-The person going home is…Charity.

-More next week, stay tuned!


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