Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for The Dead Eyes of a Respectful Son

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for The Dead Eyes of a Respectful Son

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for The Dead Eyes of a Respectful Son

The season opens with Abishola going through Dele’s phone. Bob comes in and kisses her, wondering why Dele isn’t there watching her snoop. She is looking for his Harvard acceptance letter, which surprises him since he’d think she would look for porn. They argue over snooping until she leaves and he grumbles about trying to help.


Abishola is on the phone with Harvard when Dele walks in. She wants to check on his application, but as she asks about his application, he admits he never applied.


When she hangs up, he admits he got into Julliard’s dance program. This causes them to argue and storm off.


Later on, Abishola, Ebun and Bob argue over what to do. Ebun wants to send him to Nigeria, but Bob thinks this is a bad idea because he thinks Dele will be fine. The three of them argue, all thinking they know what is best for Dele.


The next day, Abishola feeds Dele breakfast and talks to him about Harvard vs. Julliard. He says Julliard is harder to get into than Harvard and says he used his Harvard essay in his application, as well as a dance video, which he shares with her.

Abishola is still not sure about it and tries to show him people who failed in the arts, despite his argument that several celebrities applied and made it big. They continue to argue when Bob walks in, wondering what is happening. Bob initially tells Dele not to walk away from his mother when he tries to leave, but he says he is going to Julliard no matter what. This leads to an even bigger argument, with Dele saying he will leave for good. Abishola tells him he will not be welcome back, but he can keep his jacket, despite her paying for it.

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Dele ends up and Tunde and Olu’s, but Olu refuses to let him in. Tunde  disagrees, but Olusays he disrespected his mother. They argue back and forth about what to do, but finally agree to let him in for a meal….and then send him away.


Later on, Olu and Tunde come over to tell Abishola and Ebun that Dele is at their place. They all argue over what should have been done and how Dele is an American with constitutional rights.


That night, Olu talks to Dele, who is upset over the turn of events. She comforts him and tells him things will work out. He wonders what will happen if he fails and she continues to try and make him feel better with a Shakira impression. They continue to have a heart to heart until Tunde says he is in bed and lonely. She makes sure Dele has headphones and that he will wear them.


Back at the house, Abishola watches Dele’s audition video, hating that he is so good. Bob joins her and says the place feels empty and that Dele misses her. She doesn’t believe him, but he says he was texting with Dele. She is still upset over the whole situation, so he comforts her and tells her to have faith. She is still worried, so Bob reminds her that Dele needs her.


Dele is folding laundry….incorrectly according to Tunde when Olu comes in, wanting him to mop. Before he can start, Bob, Abishola and Ebun show up to talk things out. Abishola agrees to support him and let him go to Julliard. Dele wonders what changed her mind, but Bob tells him to just give her a hug. Everyone makes up and hugs it out until Ebun demands tea.

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The episode ends with Dele dancing and Abishola wondering if Julliard offers a dental program.

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