America’s Most Wanted Recap for 2/12/2024

America’s Most Wanted Recap for 2/12/2024

America's Most Wanted Recap for 2/12/2024

AMERICA’S MOST WANTED: Callhan Walsh in the AMERICA’S MOST WANTED episode airing Monday, Feb. 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX ©2024 FOX Media LLC.

America’s Most Wanted Recap for 2/12/2024

Tonight is the fourth episode of America’s Most Wanted on Fox. John and Callahan Walsh host and try to bring the world’s most notorious criminals to justice.


-On November 20th, 2016, authorities got a call from a woman who was screaming for help. While she could not be identified, 911 dispatchers were able to trace the call and help save her life.

-A woman named Gloria ended her relationship with her boyfriend Cesar Colin. She tried to push him away, but he kept trying to attack her. She called 911 for help, but could not give her name or anything due to Cesar finding out she was on the phone. He managed to escape, but the heroic 911 dispatcher heard everything and was able to find Gloria’s location.

-The knife used to attack Gloria was also found abandoned, as well as a ton of blood.  Gloria was found barely alive in her home.

-Authorities worked to save Gloria, who was in critical condition. She gave her attacker’s name, sending them into search mode. Cesar’s car was also found, along with his phone, but he was long gone.

-It is suspected that Cesar is hiding somewhere in Mexico.

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-Gloria made a full recovery.

-Sgt. John Banner and Sgt. Lana Cook talk about the case and will stop at nothing to find Cesar and bring him to justice.

-Cesar Colin is 38 years old and has black hair and brown eyes. He stands at five feet seven inches and weighs 175 lbs. There is a chance he is in Mexico or somewhere in Texas, which is where the attack occurred.



On January 8th, 2024, a break-in occurred at a car dealership in Goshen, Ohio. The first suspect is on the phone with the second suspect when they break in, stealing keys and two BMWs.



-Choctaw County, Oklahoma. Career criminal Aaron Paul Victory is on the run, armed and dangerous. He has a rap sheet a mile long and has escaped custody three times. As a child, he witnessed his father’s murder. He had also been a criminal, which led to his murder.

-Before long, Aaron began his own life of crime, committing crimes all over the state. He was in and out of jail, managing to escape custody three times and has been on the run since his last escape.

-Aaron has been on the run for several years and could be living off the grid since 2017. He is armed and very dangerous.

-Craig Caudill is a survivalist expert and explains how Aaron could be surviving in the wild and how he was also able to do it himself.

-Aaron is 45 years old with brown hair and brown eyes. He stands at six feet two inches and weighs 200 lbs. He also has tattoos on his arms, legs and shoulders, as well as scars on his body.

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-He could be in Oklahoma, Mississippi or Oregon.



John List was on the run for eighteen years after losing his job and killing his entire family in 1971. He was finally captured thanks to the show on May 21, 1981. An artist, who created a bust of what an elderly John might look like also contributed to his capture.



On January 2, 2024, two masked gunmen robbed military veteran Marlon Harris of his life savings at gunpoint in the middle of the night in Sacramento. The caregivers who came into the house were the only ones who knew of the safe and are the prime suspects. One of the gunmen has a tattoo on his arm, but they were both masked and in dark clothing.



Steven Bryan has been missing since June 9th, 2022. He has dark blue eyes, light brown hair and weighs 35 lbs. He is three feet tall and would be 4 years old today. He was last seen in Indianapolis, Indiana and could be in Mooresville or Bedford, Indiana.



-Osceola County, Florida. Two sisters took to social media to bring their father Davie Albarran, who is on the run after sexually assaulting minors. Their posts went viral and now the entire nation is helping bring him to justice.

-Ana and Yaneiry Albarran talk about how they found out Davie had been sexually abusing Yaneiry’s daughter. They were devastated to learn the news but knew that they had to take action in order to prevent anyone else from getting hurt. Now they will stop at nothing to catch him and bring him to justice.

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-Davie is a Hispanic male who is 51 years old, six foot one and weighs 220 lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes with scars on his left thumb, left hand, left eyebrow, a vein under his left eye, crooked inward top teeth and a New York accent. He also speaks Spanish.

-Possible locations include St. Cloud, Kissimmee and Lakeland (where he was last seen), all in Florida. There is also a chance he could be in Ponce or San Lorenzo Puerto Rico.



On December 17, 2023, a Chanel store was robbed in Washington DC by several men, who were dropped off in a white sedan. They got away with several handbags and there was a clear image of one on the security cameras.



Two robberies took place in Spanish Fort, Alabama. Two women and one male are suspected of pickpocketing purses in grocery stores, using the money to buy gift cards at a local Sam’s Club.



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