The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Snark and Highlights for 10/10/2023

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Snark and Highlights for 10/10/2023

-Angie and Meredith fighting over the former’s husband sleeping with other men and the latter ‘spreading her legs’ outside her marriage….what a way to open the show.

-‘I can’t believe I wasted an outfit on this….I want food.’ Mary is so relatable and needs to narrate my life.

-A fresh pizza is what we need right now…this entire statement is such a mood.

-Angie’s robe looks comfy AF.

-I feel so bad for Angie’s husband having to deal with these rumors…he seems so shattered by the adultery rumors in particular. Shawn seems like a family man and I can’t imagine him as the type to have an affair.

-Poor Shawn seems so hurt over the fact that Elektra could be so hurt by these rumors.

-Boner is a bad word! This whole thing made me laugh more than it should have.

-Jack was going on a mission or to college….so why would it matter that a girl he isn’t even dating knows? I’m sure she knows he is going away somewhere.

-Lisa says you have to be worthy to go into pretty buildings….and you aren’t worthy if you drink too much Diet Coke and alcohol? I am screwed then.

-This girls day with food, booze and comfy clothes seems like the most realistic moment of the season.

-Lisa went to bed eating a burrito when she was dealing with last year’s drama? In a weird way, that is relatable.

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-Whitney and Lisa are giving Angie Housewives Rumors 101 lessons…..which is pretty useful for her.

-I am glad Whitney isn’t blaming Monica and is ready to call out Meredith.

-Lisa is triggered over Heather not being a good friend to her, but a good one to Angie? Maybe she doesn’t like you!

-Okay, hearing about how this impacted Lisa kids makes me have a bit more sympathy for her.

-That car accident Meredith and her friend Kathy were in scared the crap out of me….and stuff like that is why I am so terrified of driving.

-When the hell did Brooks turn 23? I remember him as a teenager on the show!

-Brooks and Meredith snarking over each other’s fashion sense is adorable.

-What is it with these women and the fish sandwiches from McDonald’s? Are they really that good? I’ve never had one so I have no idea.

-This senior center looks like a blast.

-Monica talking to her mom about her sex life and vice versa is…..a choice. I don’t discuss my sex life with anyone….that’s just between me and my man.

-I will say that the religion talk is very interesting.

-Monica and her mom remind me of Howard Wolowitz and his mom.

-Monica’s mom looks like Gladys from General Hospital.

-It is interesting to hear both Heather and Whitney give their opinions on the Mormon church and the missions….and how they think Lisa’s son will do.

-I can understand why Whitney is so confused and struggling with her beliefs after leaving the church.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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