Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/29/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/29/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/29/2023

It is final five HOH night on CBS’s Big Brother 25! The episode opens with the final five looking back on their journey thus far. Felicia admits she told Blue that she was Jag’s target. We also see how Blue talked to Jag, who admitted to the plan due to him not trusting her in the long run. She also tells Cirie that she knows her secret and will keep quiet because of Jared.


More flashbacks show Bowie as HOH promising America that she is safe…..and tell Felicia the same thing. Matt listened to both ladies when he won POV but knew he was keeping the nominations the same in order to keep loyal to his alliance. Meanwhile, America was convinced that the ladies were going to win based on the guys’ gameplay.


Jag talks to Matt about how Felicia told him that Cirie said he was trying to get rid of him. Matt convinces him that the ladies want to get in between them. Matt tells Cirie about this, which makes her want to throw Felicia under the bus.


Matt questions what he should do with the POV before deciding to keep the nominations the same.


HOH time! They all must roll balls across a platform where each player must knock down a target. Jag and Felicia seem to be the main targets, but everyone keeps missing. After several rounds and  a close battle between Cirie and Matt, Matt wins HOH.

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Cirie wants Matt to keep his promise to keep her off the block and he leads her to believe that she is safe and that Bowie and Felicia will be going on the block.


Felicia wants Matt to put Bowie and Jag on the block. She tries to get Cirie to help her, but she refuses because of what happened with Jag the previous week.


Bowie thinks Matt will be going after Cirie and Felicia due to their final three deal with Jag. Matt promises her that he is safe, but that comes back to bite him when he realizes that he must break his promise to either her or Cirie. Things get crazier for him when Felicia asks if he is a target and he denies it…..and when she tells him that she expects to be a pawn since Cirie never ends up on the block.


Matt gets a letter from his mom and Reilly, who are cheering him on.


Later on, Matt tells Cirie that she is going up as a pawn next to Felicia so he can hide their alliance. She is not happy about this and wonders why Bowie never went up. He promises her that she is safe, but she wants to know what the real plan is in the long run.


Nomination time! Felicia and Cirie are up with Matt wanting Felicia gone. Jag hopes he changes his mind and targets Cirie instead.

More Tuesday, stay tuned!

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