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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 1/10/2024

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 1/10/2024

-Expecting a day trip with these women without a fight is like expecting a birthday party without cake.

-Erika has COVID and not going on the Ojai trip.

-I know Kyle doesn’t drink, but they can do a juice or tea tasting for her at the wine tasting instead. I know someone who had her teen niece at her bachelorette party and while everyone else had wine, the teenager had a special soda tasting so she wouldn’t feel left out. Why couldn’t the host do something like that for Kyle?

-Annemarie, where have you been hiding, girl?

-Okay, so Kyle does have nonalcoholic drinks…..that’s good.

-Kyle wants to leave LA? That’s random.

-These games never work…..why even bother?

-Happy birthday, would you ever date a woman was the weirdest segue ever.

-The scissoring demonstration was…..a choice.

-WTF is happening at this party? I am so confused.

-This was the weirdest party I have ever seen….and so random.

-That party was quick….and no fighting…’s a Housewives Miracle!

-Garcelle and her sons are hilarious together…..I wish we could have a whole show with them.

-I get Dorit’s PTSD issues, but PK has every right to be angry over how she acted during the anniversary surprise…..he is just stating it very poorly.

-Teddi is back!!

-Kyle interrupting the head of the organization/event to hear Morgan sing is…..a choice.

-Aw, Kim is at the event too!

-Garcelle still calling Teddi the Gnat is….unexpected and unintentionally hilarious.

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-I want whatever that blue drink Annemarie has at the bar… looks amazing.

-It is so surreal to see Portia all grown up….she was a baby when the show began!

-Lorene’s mom is breaking my heart….as an aside, her hair is so cute.

-Thank you, Garcelle! Why is Annemarie so obsessed about Sutton’s esophagus?

-Annemarie is WRONG!!! There are A LOT of things that can cause esophagus issues. Several autoimmune issues can cause problems with it….I know this for a FACT because I know people with the same issues Sutton has and they do NOT have eating disorders, drinking problems et al. Annemarie really needs to do better research. Also, maybe Sutton has trouble/doesn’t want to explain the specifics of the issue.

-This whole memorial is making me cry….my heart breaks for Kyle and it makes me sad Mauricio isn’t there for her.

-Sutton remembering her dad’s suicide breaks my heart…..I cannot even imagine dealing with that.

-More next week, stay tuned!






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