The Golden Bachelor Recap for 11/16/2023

The Golden Bachelor Recap for 11/16/2023

The Golden Bachelor Recap for 11/16/2023

-It’s Fantasy Suite Night on ABC’s The Golden Bachelor. Gerry will get overnight dates with Theresa and Leslie and from there, decide who will be the one he chooses as the one.

-He is looking forward to both dates and is in love with both women….it’s just like the OG show except for the ages of the people on the show.

-Gerry talking to Jesse about ‘knocking boots’ is so awkward.

-He also talks about what he loves about each woman…and now it is really like the OG show.

-Leslie gets the first date. They go rappelling, have dinner and conversation and go to the Fantasy Suite. That’s it…the conversation isn’t even all that interesting, just more of the if we end up together we will figure it all out BS we have already heard.

-Before they ‘knock boots’ or whatever the kids are calling it these days, they talk some more about their plans for the rest of their lives together, mornings together, going to bed and then doing their own stuff in between. Or something….my attention was waning.

-I don’t know what they were setting at 80 or 70 or 69 and I am not sure I want to know.

-The next morning they have coffee in bed and reflect on their wonderful night together.

-Gerry thinks things improved with Leslie on their overnight and can see himself spending the rest of his life with her.

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-After they say goodbye, Leslie reflects on how much she loves Gerry and can see him with her forever.

-Time for Theresa’s date. They ride horses and while they seems like Theresa is having fun, Gerry is quiet and thinking about what Leslie is doing.

-Theresa shares her feelings with Gerry and he seems to be distant and uninterested in what she has to say.

-Lather, rinse repeat with the dinner and conversation, followed by the entry into the Fantasy Suite. One interesting thing is that Theresa had a lucrative day trader career, and this is the first time she has been this close to a man since her husband died.

-Theresa and Gerry have their own morning after, where Gerry realizes he loves her as well….and is left more confused than ever.

-We find out who wins Gerry’s heart in 2 weeks. Stay tuned!

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