The Amazing Race 35 Premiere Recap for 9/27/2023

The Amazing Race 35 Premiere Recap for 9/27/2023

The Amazing Race 35 Premiere Recap for 9/27/2023

The Amazing Race on CBS is on its 35th season! This season will have an express pass and a mandatory U-Turn to be used during the season. They will vote on who will get it.

After an introduction, the teams get cars that contain their first clue as the race begins! As they leave, we get to know some of the teams.


Rob is deaf and his son Corey is a CODA—Child of Deaf Adult.

Joel and Garrett are best friends.

Joe and Ian are engaged.

Morgan and Lena are sisters.

Liam and Yeremi are brothers.

Alexandra and Sheridan are siblings.

Andrea and Milania are friends.

Elizabeth and Iliana are mother and daughter.

Jocelyn and Victor are husband and wife.

Greg and John are brothers.

Robbin and Chelsea are best friends.

Ashlie and Todd are married high school sweethearts.

Steve and Anna Leigh are father and daughter.


The teams drive to the Hollywood Historic Hotel and must do the roadblock, where they must cross a tightrope and do a word puzzle that will reveal their next clue. Joe, Greg and Andrea complete it for their teams, for they are the first to arrive.

One by one, the other teams arrive….save for Alexandra and Sheridan and Elizabeth and Iliana, who are lost.


Greg completes the roadblock first and reveals the clue as City of Angels. Derek and Claire give them their clue card, which sends them to Bangkok, Thailand.

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Other teams struggle, but before long, Rob solves it and is on his way with Corey.


Alexandra and Sheridan and Elizabeth and Iliana finally arrive and begin the roadblock.

Several teams begin to work together with Todd finally just giving them the answer in exchange for letting his team cut the line.


Time to head to the airport! Greg and John, Rob and Corey, Jocelyn and Victor, Ashlie and Todd, Andrea and Malania, and Morgan and Lena are on the first plane. Once they arrive to their destination, they have to head to the statue of Buddha at Wat Paknam.


Morgan and Lena are ahead of the pack and have a chance to win the express pass if they eat fried insects. They decide to do it as the other teams catch up.


Morgan and Lena win the express pass and now there is no chance for anyone else to win.


Jocelyn and Victor and Rob and Corey board the river boats and head to the destination. The remaining teams on the first flight follow. The second plane finally arrives.


Detour! Spa Day has them get a potentially painful 30 minute massage and Sword Play has them perform a 30 second sword routine.


Jocelyn and Victor and Rob and Corey remain ahead as they complete Spa Day. They head to the Pit Stop at Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat.


Meanwhile, Joe and Ian and Alexandra and Sheridan do the Sword Play. Steve and Anna Leigh do Spa Day, along with Morgan and Lena, Greg and John and Ashlie and Todd. The latter falls behind when Todd asks them to stop.

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Andrea and Malania do Sword Play but have to start over after their failed first attempt. They switch to Spa Day.

Everyone else picks Spa Day. Elizabeth and Iliana get lost heading to the Detour. Once they arrive, they learn there is a wait, so they can go to Sword Play or wait their turn. They debate on what to do, but ultimately stay and finally complete the detour.

One by one, the teams continue to finish the detour and head to the Pit Stop….despite several of the teams struggling, including those in the Sword Play.


Alexandra and Sheridan are the last to arrive and are eliminated.



Pit Stop!

  1. Jocelyn and Victor—win a trip to Patagonia.
  2. Rob and Corey
  3. Greg and John
  4. Morgan and Lena
  5. Todd and Ashlie
  6. Steve and Anna Leigh
  7. Joel and Garrett
  8. Liam and Yeremi
  9. Joe and Ian
  10. Andrea and Milania
  11. Robbin and Chelsea
  12. Elizabeth and Iliana
  13. Alexandra and Sheridan—Eliminated
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