Farmer Wants a Wife Bachelors Announced

Farmer Wants a Wife Bachelors Announced

Season Two of Farmer Wants a Wife, the most successful dating show in the world, airing in 32 countries and resulting in 201 marriages and 514 children…and counting, returns Thursday, Feb. 1 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. In a trend that continues to sweep America, there’s been a migration from city-centers to suburban and rural locales, and with that, love follows. Hosted by superstar entertainer and Grammy Award winner Jennifer Nettles, the anticipated season follows four farmers in search of real, lasting love.

Season Two’s new crop of farmers—Ty Ferrell, Mitchell Kolinsky, Brandon Rogers and Nathan Smothers—host a group of single women who leave behind the comfort and convenience of city life for the charms and challenges of country living, as they embark on an adventure that could change the course of their lives forever.

With diverse backgrounds in cattle ranching, citrus, potato and barley farming, horse training and more, the upcoming season promises an even more in-depth look at the pursuit of genuine love as each farmer and their group of hopeful singles meet and mutually select one another before the women are invited to experience life on their respective farm. From there, the farmers show each group what it is really like on an actual working farm, from tending to the land, harvesting crops and feeding cattle, to the behind-the-scenes business operations.

As the ladies immerse themselves in the realities of farm life, some will blossom while some will head out to pasture, and ALL will quickly learn a manicure only lasts so long in the great outdoors. With this comes even more fish-out-of-water moments, and only time will tell if the ladies have the patience, spirit and adaptability required to be a farmer’s wife. Together, with the hope of finding their ever-after, they endeavor to discover the beauty, humor, trials and romance that come with finding the one.

Click here for a sneak peek at Season Two of Farmer Wants a Wife.

Meet the Farmers:

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Age: 42

Hometown: Sikeston, MO

Current Location: Sikeston, MO


Team Roper

Type of Farm: 50-acre farm with horses and roping cattle

Meet Ty:

Ty is a 42-year-old divorced Dad of a 12-year-old daughter. He’s had rope in his hand since he was a kid, and he hasn’t been without it since. He can’t think of a better life for himself, but the one missing piece has been a special person to continue his life’s journey with.


Age: 27

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Current Location: Mount Juliet, TN

Occupation: 1st Generation Farmer

Type of Farm: New farm with a charming 19th century cabin where he lives with his three dogs. His property in the woods is shared with a variety of wildlife and the openness of the surrounding land welcomes the potential for growth

Meet Mitchell:

Mitchell grew up in Knoxville with horses in his backyard, spending much of his time outdoors. While both his parents and his two brothers have more traditional, white-collar careers, Mitchell fell in love with the beauty and promise of the great outdoors. He knew a life in the heartland was the one for him, so he bought his first farm to pursue his dream of becoming a horse and cattle rancher. He hopes to build a farming legacy with a wife by his side.


Age: 29

Hometown: Center, CO

Current Location: Center, CO

Occupation: 2ndGeneration Potato and Barley Farmer

Type of Farm: 1,000-acre farm

Meet Brandon: 

Brandon is our most remote farmer, living in a small, one-stop-light town surrounded by his farmland. He grew up on the farm working with his Dad. Later in his twenties, he returned to work the farm full time to continue his family’s farming legacy. His business is set up and doing well, and now the missing piece is that special person to share it with.


Age: 23

Hometown: Bartow, FL

Current Location: Bartow, FL

Occupation: 4thGeneration Citrus and Cattle Farmer

Type of Farm: 300-acre farm where he resides and an additional 500+ acre cattle property

Meet Nathan:

Nathan grew up working his family’s farm and citrus groves and at 23, is our youngest farmer. When he lost his Dad at 12-years-old, he quickly grew up and became the man of the house, helping to support his Mom and three sisters. He returned to live and work on the farm full time when he graduated from college and is eager to begin his next chapter, including starting a family with the love of his life.


Farmer Wants a Wife is produced by Eureka Productions. Paul Franklin, Chris Culvenor and David Tibballs serve as executive producers. Lauren Taylor Harding serves as an executive producer and the showrunner of the series.

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