Catchy Comedy Network Honors Richard Moll

Catchy Comedy Network Honors Richard Moll

Catchy Comedy Network Honors Richard Moll

CATCHY COMEDY NETWORK Remembers Richard Moll with a Night Court Binge this weekend


October 30, 2023 – Catchy Comedy Network remembers Richard Moll with a special Catchy Binge featuring the actor in his most memorable role of bailiff Bull Shannon in the original Night Court. The ‘Night Court Catchy Binge’ will present 88 back-to-back episodes of the series all weekend long from Saturday, November 4 at 11am ET through Monday, November 6 at 6am ET. Ten favorite Night Court episodes featuring Mr. Moll will air within the Binge on Saturday from 5pm ET – 10pm ET.

The deep-voiced, towering 6’8” actor was best known for his breakout role in the original run of Night Court, which co-starred Harry Anderson and John Larroquette and aired on NBC from 1984-1992.

Mr. Moll also made guest appearances in countless other television series including Welcome Back, Kotter, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Happy Days, The Rockford Files, 7th Heaven, Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, The A-Team and many more. He did a slew of voice acting in various animated series, including Batman: The Animated Series, Spider-Man, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and more.

Mr. Moll passed away on Thursday at the age of 80.

‘CATCHY COMEDY NETWORK Remembers Richard Moll’

Saturday, November 4 at 11am ET to Monday, November 6 at 6am ET

‘Night Court Catchy Binge’ – 88 back-to-back episodes of Night Court will air all weekend from Saturday at 11am ET to Monday at 6am ET. As part of the Catchy Binge, the top ten best episodes featuring Mr. Moll will air from 5pm-10pm ET on Saturday:

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Saturday, November 4 from 5pm-10pm ET

5pm ET – Night Court “Bull’s Baby”

5:30pm ET – Night Court “Walk Away, Renee”

6pm ET – Night Court “Death of a Baliff”

6:30pm ET – Night Court “Educating Rhoda”

7pm ET – Night Court “Mental Giant”

7:30pm ET – Night Court “The Game Show”

8pm ET – Night Court “Razing Bull”

8:30pm ET – Night Court “My Three  Dads”

9pm ET – Night Court “A Night Court at the Opera”

9:30pm ET – Night Court “Get Me to the Roof On Time”

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