Big Brother 25 Recap for 9/20/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 9/20/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 9/20/2023

This is POV night on CBS’s Big Brother 25. Cory and America are on the block, but the plan is to backdoor Cameron and get rid of him once and for all.

Everyone is on board with the backdoor plan, even America, who seems excited to be in a showmance who is on the block.

America and Cory tell Cameron that he should use the veto if he wins so they can all be saved. He agrees, but secretly isn’t sure if he will use the veto.

Jag tells Blue about Jared’s alliances and what he has been doing behind her back. She confronts Jared about this, but he tries to make her think it is all lies. He also accuses her of not trusting him, making her want to blow up his game and expose his biggest secret.

Mecole tells Felicia that Cirie and Jared never had her back, making Felicia question everything. The two of them make a final two deal.

Jag, Matt and Blue talk about if they should work with America and Cory or Jared and Cirie. Despite everything, Blue feels loyalty to Jared. Matt feels loyalty to Cirie. Jag feels that Cirie and Jared can’t be trusted. The three of them seem to be willing to work together, but it is unclear as to who will get their loyalty.


Jag wants to be in the POV comp so he can win, backdoor Cameron and get him out AND hopefully get Jared out next week. He ends up playing, along with Cameron, Bowie, Jared, America and Cory.

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Cirie says that Jared should put her up if Cameron wins. He can’t see himself doing that.


POV Comp time! Everyone must fill football helmets with water and put said water in a receptacle in the fastest amount of time.


Jag wins! Cory and America are happy since this means Cameron will go up and finally be evicted. Cameron, for his part tells Matt, Jag and Jared that they are next if he goes so it is best to get rid of Cory.


Veto Ceremony! Cory is down, Cameron is up! The only reason America is up is because she is more or less a pawn. Cameron plans on convincing people he needs to stay….


Eviction tomorrow, stay tuned!



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