Celebrity Spotlight: Courtney Henggeler

Courtney Henggeler is an incredible actress who constantly captivates the attention of her audience. The brunette beauty has been making a name for herself for years, particularly in The Big Bang Theory as the sassy Missy Cooper.

Now the Mom alum is changing hats and focusing on her writing career. In fact, one of her projects is set to air this weekend on Lifetime. The Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate tells the story of a young woman who becomes a surrogate for a celebrity couple with a dark side.

Courtney took the time to talk to TVGrapevine about the movie. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.


1. Courtney initially had no real image of what she wanted Olivia to look like, but wanted her to be angelic. When Carrie showed up on set, she was like ‘she’s here!’ and realized she was everything she was looking for in the character. Not only did she had the angelic look she wanted, but in real life she was a cute and pure person that she adored.


2. For her, the most rewarding part about the movie was people seeing what she wrote and then seeing it come to life. It was a bit nervewracking at first, but loved how the actors breathed life into her work. She gives major props to Carl, who she says was the biggest surprise for her….but you will need to tune in to see why!

However, it didn’t come without challenges! Courtney said that although she loved being able to write for Lifetime, she also wanted to make sure her story was unique and unexpected. She grew up watching their movies and wanted to make sure it came out in a way the audience would love.

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3. Courtney loves to write because it gives her complete creative freedom. Most of the time she acts, which is kind of confining because she has to wait for parts and lines. Writing, on the other hand, allows her to break out of that and create her own world.


4. She is currently working on another female thriller, as well as some fun comedy projects, that fans are sure to enjoy.

While she is focusing on writing, Courtney still plans on doing more acting. She is currently on Cobra Kai and is waiting for the pandemic to end so they can continue to film all new episodes.


5. She is big into Reiki and crystals for energy healing. It was a calling that was very interesting to her and she thinks it is particularly helpful, especially during the pandemic.


Keep checking back for more news on Courtney.

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