Battle of the Decades Recap for 9/6/2023

Battle of the Decades Recap for 9/13/2023

Battle of the Decades Recap for 9/6/2023

-This week’s Battle of the Decades takes us back to 1993….the year of Whitney Houston, female musicians and Zima.

-Julian and Beto Rodarte and Jennie Garth are judges tonight.

-They will need to use Snapple, Sloppy Joes, a Snoopy Sno-Cone machine and Dunkaroos to make a meal.

-Betsy and Peter make a lamb mole Sloppy Joe with a Dunkaroo crumble.

-Douglas and Jessica make a Cuban Sloppy Joe with a Dunkaroo dessert and Snapple cocktail.

-Damon and Josh make meatballs with Dunkaroo as the casing and the mango Snapple for a sauce.

The round goes by quickly and it is soon time to present the dishes. The judges taste each one and give the pros and cons on each.

-After a deliberation, it is decided that Josh and Damon and Douglas and Jessica will move on. Betsy and Peter are eliminated.


Round 2:

-They will now need to make a mini meal (based on tiny foods going viral) that is big on flavor.

-Damon and Josh make a deconstructed ravioli with Carbonara sauce.

-Douglas and Jessica make tiny tuna tartar tostadas.

-The whole concept is adorable!

-Jennie is impressed with Josh and Damon making fresh pasta in 30 minutes.

-Before long, the judges must taste each dish and give the pros and cons on each.

-Jessica and Douglas win and will now compete head-to-head.


Round 3: 

-The final round has them making chicken and waffles.

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-Jessica makes chicken and hoe cakes, while Douglas’s dish has a French toast twist.

-Douglas burns his waffle, but tries to make it work by saying it is caramelized.

-Jessica is short one hoe cake and has to go with it.

-The judges taste each dish and declare Douglas the winner!


More next week, stay tuned!


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