Young Sheldon Recap for 3/30/2023

Young Sheldon Recap for 3/30/2023

Young Sheldon Recap for 3/30/2023

The episode opens with Missy driving on her quest to run away from home. She ends up stopping for gas, pretending she knows what she is doing and that her dad is in the bathroom. While there, she calls Paige to have her join the adventure.


Paige wonders why they didn’t do this years ago and Missy says that her feet couldn’t reach the pedals.


At home, Sheldon wakes George up to ask why there is no bacon. He tells him to cook it himself and to leave Missy alone when Sheldon asks if she can cook it.


George tries to talk to Missy through her door, having a one sided argument….and not realizing she isn’t there.


Paige and Missy decide to go to Florida and dine and dash.


Sheldon and George argue over the dishwasher when Mary comes home, wondering where the truck is. They call the cops and give their statements. When the cop asks to talk to Missy, they go upstairs and finally realize she is gone. George and Mary fight while the cop tries to take a report. Sheldon tries to give his two cents, but ends up being less than helpful.


The girls continue to drive and sing (avoiding cops) while Mary freaks out. MeeMaw and Georgie come over to help when Sheldon realizes she could be with Paige.


Mary calls Paige’s mom, who realizes that Paige is also gone.

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Missy begins to freak out, but Paige tells her it will all be okay and says they should change their names. Paige decides to be Ginger, while Missy decides to be Susan then Suzie then Brandi.


The adults continue to freak out, Georgie tries to be helpful and Sheldon shows them a map with places where the girls could be.


The girls discuss their issues and decide to become mermaids when they are in Florida. They get pulled over and try to come up with a cover story. However, Missy spills the beans while still managing to cover for Paige.


Sheldon thinks Luke Perry might be involved and that Missy is heading to Beverly Hills. Georgie explains that Luke plays Dylan on 90210 and he is the classic bad boy, which is again of no help to anyone.


The phone rings and they get the call that the girls have been found.


The cop has a heart to heart with the girls while Mary, George and Linda talk about the incident and the marital problems the Coopers are having. Meanwhile, MeeMaw tries to explain to Sheldon why Missy ran away.


The cop takes the girls on a chase to catch a speeding car while the parents talk about marital problems and how Paige stole Linda’s credit card to buy a ticket to Hawaii, which Linda ended up using.


The episode ends with Mary and George yelling at Missy, who Sheldon says was going into her difficult period.

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