Trippin’ with Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris Recap for 7/6/2023

Trippin' With Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris Recap for 7/13/2023

Trippin’ with Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris Recap for 7/6/2023


-Doris complaining about paying the tolls and Anthony telling her that she is getting a free trip to Europe and not to complain made me laugh way too hard.

-The Martinez Hotel is gorgeous and is famous for hosting major celebrities. The two of them are in the biggest penthouse in Cannes.

-Doris thinks Denzel Washington used the bidet in her bathroom.

-I am not even going to touch the cookie eating innuendo with a ten foot pole.

-I could never play blackjack….I would be too afraid of losing all my money and I am not good at guessing games. Or numbers.

-Did Anthony intentionally tell the dealer happy birthday or was he mixing up sayings in French.

-I love her yelling at him over driving and then making him drive to prove who is better.

-My farts never stank this loud! This made me laugh way too hard.

-The banter between these two is what makes this show…her running away to the spa after their argument is such a mood.

-Doris is complaining to the spa lady and Anthony is complaining to his BFF.

-The two of them made up and bonded over mother/son pedicures.

-Doris not wearing undies and Anthony reminding her about the cameras completely sent me….

-The wine tasting looks lovely, but Doris constantly falling and acting sassy with the dude in charge makes it that much better.

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-Wine on the beach is something I can get used to as well.

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