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AGT: The Champions Season Two Premiere Highlights


Last night NBC kicked off the second season of AGT: The Champions! Ten acts from various versions of the franchise will compete against each other for a chance to win.

Terry Crews hosts, while Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon judge. Aside from the judges,  AGT super fans from each state and he Golden Buzzer will help determine who makes it to the next round.


1. Patty and Nicko: Dancers from Britain’s Got Talent. There is a 40 year age difference between them, but they are adorable! I’m impressed with how limber Patty is a 85….get it,girl!

The judges LOVE them, particularly Alesha, who remembers them from BGT, where she is a judge. Heidi even quips that she shares Patty’s love for younger men.


2. Mike Yung: Singer from AGT. He was on season 12 of the show and has since toured with Martin Garrix. His kids convinced him to do the show after the loss of his partner. His voice is still decent and he continues to hold his own.

Heidi is glad to have him back, while Simon thinks he has something special. Howie  wishes he chose a different song. Alesha likes his humility.


3. Junior Creative: Dance troupe and winners of Myanmar’s Got Talent. Their shadow dance tells the story of families affected by war and dedicated to the children and innocent victims of war.

Everyone is in tears. Heidi and Alesha the message, while Simon loves that they are telling an important story.


4. Hans: Comedic Accordion Player from AGT 13. His act involves him sitting on a banana, dropping his accordion and tap dancing. I don’t get it….and neither does Simon, who buzzes him.

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However,  the other judges enjoy it….so yeah.


5. Jack Vidgen: Singer who won Australia’s Got Talent in 2011. He was fourteen a the time. His voice began to change, causing him to no longer hit high notes. He gave up until recently and did a pretty solid job tonight.

The judges enjoy him, but Howie and Simon want him to have more confidence.


6. Duo Transcend: Trapeze artists from 2018’s AGT. During that time,Tyce was going blind, but he is better now thanks to surgery. They do a blindfolded danger act, which has me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

Heidi begs the super fans to vote, while Simon and Howie are impressed with how they pushed the limits and came back better than ever.


7. Dan Naturman: Comedian from season 9 of AGT. He was the dude who offended Heidi and got voted off soon after. He has done a lot post show and hopes to do more. His act isn’t my kind of humor, nor is it Simon’s who buzzes him.

Howie seems to like him and Heidi hugs him.


8. Angelina Jordan: Singer and 2014 winner of Norway’s Got Talent. She does a jazzy version of Bohemian Rhapsody….and as I always say, NO ONE SHOULD EVER COVER THAT SONG ON THESE SHOWS EVER!!!! She has a decent voice, but covering this? NO!

Obviously, I am in the minority because she gets the GOLDEN BUZZER from Heidi.

9. Eddie Williams: Strong man  from Australia’s Got Talent. He is in the Guiness           Book of World Records and is more or less the Feat of Strength  King… he would win at Festivus? Anyway, he does his lifting and then….sings? All righty then!

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Heidi calls him the Luther Vandross and Rock love child. Howie buzzes and runs away and Simon thinks he is bonkers.

10. Dania Diaz: Magician from Spain’s Got Talent. She tells her life story through cards and it is quite interesting.

Alesha thinks she is inspiring, while everyone else thinks America will fall in love.


Golden Buzzer: Angelina Jordan

Super fan Choice: Duo Transcend

Super fan Choice: Dania Diaz

Judges’ Choice: Hans

More next week, stay tuned!

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