The Bachelorette Recap for 7/17/2023

The Bachelorette Recap for 7/17/2023

The Bachelorette Recap for 7/17/2023

-Charity and her suitors are in Washington this week. She is down to ten men and only six will remain after tonight.

-Dotun gets the first one on one date. They drive in a lime green Jeep and visit one of the tallest bridges in North America….which they will bungee jump off of….because of course they will.

-As usual on these dates, they act scared but brave through it together.

-Aaron and Brayden are still having beef and Aaron is complaining about Brayden to anybody who will listen.

-Of course, the two of them are on the group date together. Everyone except Xavier is on it, which means he got the second one on one.

-Dotun and Charity bond over their lives and past, leading to him getting a rose.

-Group date time! The guys work with the Girl Scouts and do a scavenger hunt.

-These Girl Scouts are SASSY! I like it!

-The guys also have to answer questions from the Girl Scouts and it is a bit….weird? I am not sure how I feel about it.

-Brayden is still fighting with the guys at the afterparty because he isn’t sure an engagement is in the cards? He claims the guys are fake, but they think he is public enemy number one.

-Charity walks in on the fight and asks to talk to Brayden, ultimately sending him home.

-Charity is upset after the Brayden fiasco and wonders how she will get through the rest of the night.

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-Despite the fact that she is frantic and agitated, Charity spends time with the rest of the men, giving the rose to Joey.

-Xavier’s date involves grape stomping, jam tasting and making out. They also open up about past relationships and love, as well as what they expect in relationships.

-Xavier gets a rose.

-Cocktail party time! Charity makes a toast to the guys and mingles with them before the rose ceremony.

-Brayden returns, ignores the guys, talks to Charity….wishes her luck and leaves again, still ignoring the guys. They want him to apologize to John for interrupting his time with him and more or less gang up on him.

-As much as I disagree with how Brayden acted, these guys are no better than him with the way they are acting.


Rose Ceremony

-Dotun, Joey and Xavier already have roses.

-Aaron–Dude who tattled on Brayden last week.

-Tanner–WHO? Does he show up for rose ceremonies?


Final Rose Tonight (since we can’t count to three)

-Sean–Won Barbie contest last week, looks like a former coworker of mine.



-Michael–Again, no clue who this is.

-John–Sweet guy who got his one on one time interrupted.

-Caleb: Sexy dude and last Caleb standing.

The eliminated guys are classy though. They all seem to want what is best for Charity and the guys.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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