Meet Stacy Gabel

Tell me about “Great Escape”
Great Escape is a fun beachy pop love song that makes you want to grab a coconut and a mini umbrella and dance around to the tropical beat. Backed by guitar, ukulele, bass, piano and percussion, this summer tune captures the carefree spirit of the beach and inspires listeners to break free from their daily routines. It was alot of fun to write and produce with my co-writer/producer Anthony Friedman in Los Angeles and just as much fun to shoot the music video in paradise in Florida.  I had a great team!  Shout out to Anthony (my co-writer and friend), Amador Solis (additional engineering and percussion), Ernie Gilbert (Ukulele), Harry Fisher (video) and of course my awesome cast of beach friends!
-Tell me a bit about how your career began.
  I started singing and acting professionally at a very young age doing recordings and theater projects.  I grew up close to NYC where I would go into the city for TV and Film jobs at a very young age.  I have a musical theater and Television Production background and I worked in Los Angeles which is where I picked up the guitar and started writing my own songs.  
-What are some of your proudest accomplishments so far in music, TV and film? 
I would say I’m proud of each and every project that I pour my heart and soul into.  Every song, every performance, etc.  I always submerge myself 100% into every project to put out a good professional product that I am proud of. I enjoy performing for all sorts of audiences and collaborating with many types of people in all aspects of production and entertainment.  The rewards are always in the smiles and comments that I hear from my audiences. 
-Who influences you as a writer/musician?
There are so so many musicians and artists who have impacted my life but I would say I’m mostly inspired and influenced by experiences, events and life in general.  I love and have performed all genres of music from classical to Broadway, Jazz, Country and Pop.  I never know where inspiration is going to come from but I’m always ready for it which is why I’m constantly writing and creating.
-Who are some people/companies you want to collaborate with? 
Any and all people and companies who are working on projects that I believe in.  There are alot of creative people out there…too many to name names but no project is too big or too small if it is creatively appealing.  However, I wouldn’t be upset if Disney or Broadway called.
-What’s next for you? Anything else new and exciting in the works?
  I’m gearing up for the summer festival season so there are alot of big exciting performances coming up.  All that while promoting Great Escape and getting ready for my next release.  I have a feeling my Great Escape Tour might be taking me overseas.  But more to come on that.
-Tell me a surprising, fun fact about yourself:. 
I was most likely to become famous in High School and I sang the National Anthem at a Bareknuckle boxing pay per view event.  
-What are you watching on TV these days? 
No time for TV…writing, releasing and performing music…that is my life.
Where can people learn more about your music and TV/film career?
Connect with me on social media!  Write to me!  Say hello! Ask me questions!  There’s alot of info on the internet but if you really want to know me, come to a performance where I tell stories and sing my favorite songs.  I love to connect with the audience.  
-Anything else you want to tell the world?Seriously…Follow me, Connect!  Join me on my musical journey.  Who knows where music will take us next?
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