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ICYMI: The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap for 6/14/2023

ICYMI: The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap for 6/14/2023

-I also order a drink and a Diet Coke….so I guess I fit in with Emily and Jenn?

-California sober is no booze, but you still partake in ‘the marijuana.’ Thanks for the clarification there!

-I agree, emotional affairs are worse than physical affairs, but both are equally damaging.

-Heather preparing the twins to go out to college is so cute….but she is so extra with it!

-Tamra and Shannon are never going to work things out 100%, but they will always be frenemies….at least in my opinion.

-Heather collapsing in a pile of packing peanuts is such a mood.

-Tamra and Shannon basically solved nothing during their lunch.

-Jenn’s adoption story with Dominic is making me cry… is so beautiful.

-Emily’s parrot and flamingo color logic (how flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp and we have no idea why parrots have their colors) oddly makes a lot of sense.

-This episode is so boring…..I hope it isn’t setting the bar for the entire season.

-Heather interrupting a conversation to ask about a penthouse was so random.

-TAYLOR ARMSTRONG!!! I am so glad she is doing well and a friend of this season.

-It is so rude of them to interrupt Jenn’s story about her son. She seems so upset about it and they don’t even care.

-Heather and Taylor working together with the former being the latter’s acting coach could spell disaster.

-Heather must have gotten confused and thought she was on The Bachelor with the way she interrupted that conversation.

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-Emily should not have pushed Tamra and asked her to apologize to Shannon…..especially when she probably knew how she was going to react.

-Add this to the list of events that get ruined by petty fighting,

-I feel so bad for Eddie now. These women are treating him like meat, he has to deal with fighting, no one says please or thank you….I hope this dude gets a raise.

-I am glad Jenn called Shannon out for being rude. However, it led to Tamra giving her two cents and the fight with Shannon re-igniting…and the ladies (mostly Emily and Heather) getting involved. Poor Jenn never even finished her story.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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