Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Pretty Kitty

Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Pretty Kitty

Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Pretty Kitty

The episode opens with a customer being upset about Sheila not knowing who he is….and her not caring. She and Randi are more focused on Max’s new song being on the radio, which upsets Kat because the song is about her. Sheila shoves it in her face, making things worse.


Carter comes in to say he is hosting a party for Max and Zoey’s song. Kat wasn’t invited, so she freaks out and bans music from the cafe.


That night, Max and Zoey’s performance is a success, making Kat even angrier. She sees two people leaving and insults the music, but the guys say they need a bigger venue. She goes in to check it out, but only ends up embarrassing herself….even though Sheila is throwing her underwear.


The enxt day, Kat is getting DMS from an influencer because MAx’s song is about her. Sheila continues to be snarky, but before she can get too far in, a woman named Val shows up to talk about a cat show. She encourages them to be a part of it and then leaves to pick up her cat who is getting a blow out. Sheila is mad because Fredrick canceled on her for the cat.


Max, Darren and Carter are hanging out when Brigette shows up, saying she could not have been in Nashville and not see Max….and the toilet where Elvis died.

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At the cat show, Kat and Val insult each other. Sheila surprisingly sticks up for the cat and Kat becomes more determined than ever to win.


Max and Brigette catch up over drinks when Carter sits with them. He wants to know what is going on, but she gets a call and steps away. When she is gone Carter warns Max that things can go  terribly wrong. His point is possibly proven when Brigette has to leave and takes Max along with her. Darren is sure the two of them are going to have sex, while Carter thinks the whole thing will be a disaster.


The cat show continues and is a complete disaster. Both women make fools out of themselves, causing Sheila and Randi to insult the entire experience.


Brigette and Max go to the hotel. She wants to hook up in the tub, and he says yes despite being on the fence. When she goes to set up, Carter comes to the door and tells him that he is only doing this to hurt Kat and should think before hooking up. He then handcuffs himself to the outside of the door. Max locks him out as he tries to find the key.


Sheila says the competition is very close and one cat even got disqualified due to using performance enhancing drugs. Val and Kat continue to take the competition to another level….causing security to go after them both. Sheila and Randi are thoroughly entertained, but wonder if it is because of the catnip/

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Brigette goes to get champagne while Max imagines Kat in the tub. He recalls some special memories until Brigette comes in. He tells her he has to go, but not before stealing the robe and leaving Carter handcuffed to the door.


Later on, Sheila, Kat and Randi are by the fire when Max comes to talk to Kat. He has another music gig and wants her to come along because he misses. Her. She admits she misses him too. They hug it out as the episode comes to a close.

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