Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 3/20/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 3/20/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 3/20/2023

The episode opens with Bob and Abishola hosting dinner for Ebun, Dottie, Tunde, Dele and Olu. Tunde likes the potatoes, but Ebun and Dottie complain about their flavor and the way they are cooked.


Ebun gets word that her sister died, allowing her to explain her family tree and how she and Olu are sisters, but her sister Yeti is actually Olu’s cousin. Bob is confused, so Dottie tries to explain it in a way he will understand. Dele comments that this is the most he learned about his family in fifteen years.


Later on, Ebun tells Abishola that she wants a business class seat to the funeral. She then realizes that the funeral is in Toronto, not Nigeria, so she wants a first class seat. Abishola then tells her that she cannot go because she is not an American citizen, so she tells Abishola she is going, despite the fact that she has other plans. Dele then gets roped into going by Abishola.


Kofo and Goodwin are still fighting as Bob tries to get Ebun to the funeral. The discussion turns to getting her a visa, which leads to the cousins to continue their fight.


Abishola is at work and tells Kemi she is going to the funeral. Kemi is excited, which confuses Gloria, especially when she notices Abishola is not upset about it. Abishola explains they had a falling out, so Gloria comforts her.

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Bob, Goodwin, Kofo, Chritina and Douglas are making a live video for their fans when they realize the socks aren’t up to par. Bob thinks they are screwed so he makes Kofo stop the video so they can come up with a solution.


At the funeral, Tunde teaches Dele how to act, while Abishola is upset to be there since she did not like Yeti. She wants to leave, but they tell her to grieve and stick it out. She lashes out about it, which Yeti’s daughter overhears, causing her to run off in tears.


Bob and Kofo are trying to get the socks in perfect condition when Abishola calls to complain about Yeti. He tells her to stick it out while trying to deal with the socks.


That night, Bob is eating cold cuts when he gets yelled at by Ebun since she is making soup. Dottie tells him how she wants her funeral. She goes to show him the dress she wants to be buried in when Ebun talks about missing her sister’s funeral. Bob tries to make her feel better, but she continues to snark. Dottie comes into the room, showing off her dress.


Back at the funeral, Kemi talks to Abishola and explains that Yeti also had her struggles….until she realizes Yeti’s funeral shoes are more expensive than hers so she needs to go shopping.


After Kemi leaves, Abishola talks to Yeti about her feelings. Kemi pretends to be Yeti and says she forgives her.

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At the factory, Ebun helps Bob pray for a good pair of socks, which he gets. She seems to be his good luck charm, but she says it is God and his hard work. She gives him words of wisdom and hug. They go out to dinner, but she says he will go back to work and she will being home the bubbly.


Abihsola talks things out with Yeti’s daughter as the funeral procession begins.


The episode ends with everyone watching the video of the funeral.

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