Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/20/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/20/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 8/20/2023

Big Brother 25 picks up right after the eviction ceremony. Hisam is happy his plan to get rid of Reilly worked, not knowing it was done because Cameron told his alliance he was planning to take Hisam out next week. Cameron himself is sad that Reilly is gone since they were in the same alliance.


The rest of the alliance is sad that they had to vote Reilly out, but knew that without having enough votes to save her, there was nothing they could do.


Matt is sad because he and Reilly were beginning to develop a relationship. He now wants revenge because his girl is gone.


HOH time! Everyone must take shots at a snotty nose course with a croquet mallet and ball to earn the highest score and therefore winning HOH. The lowest scorers will become Have Nots this week.



Score leaderboard:















In addition to her win, Felicia and a houseguest of her choosing have to stand under a snotty nose when they are told for 24 hours. She picks Bowie and they are slimed.


Hisam is happy with this turn of events because he thinks Felicia will keep him safe. Matt, Blue, Jag and Jared aren’t feeling the happiness and wonder what this means for their alliance.


Izzy and Cirie tell Felicia thay they think the plan should be to use Cameron as a pawn and backdoor Hisam….with either Jag or Blue on the block with him. However, she worries that this could put a target on her back if he is the second HOH to go home.

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Felicia takes turns bringing other houseguests under the nose.


Hisam talks to Felicia and tries to take over by telling her to put Jag on the block. She decides to do this to make Hisam think he is safe.


Jared and Blue want to begin a showmance but are too scared to pull the trigger.


Felicia fills Jag in on the plan. He isn’t happy with it but he reluctantly agrees to it.


Matt talks to Cirie and Izzy about growing up deaf and the misconceptions people have of him. Cirie especially finds this eye opening and educational.



Felicia also approaches Cameron about being on the block. He knew this was coming. She knows putting him up is their best shot to target Hisam.

After one more snotty nosed round, Felicia announces that Jag and Cameron are on the block. She also reveals (in the DR) that she is targeting Hisam.


More Wednesday, stay tuned.

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