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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Snark and Highlights for 3/21/2023

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Snark and Highlights for 3/21/2023

-A chucini, a vagini…..I am laughing way too hard at this.

-Danielle is really growing on me. She is hilarious AF.

-Rachel seems to be one of the more open-minded housewives.

-The bracelets Teresa chose for her bridesmaid are gorgeous, but I would be SO afraid of breaking it.

-Wait, Jen wants to bring her therapist on vacation? WTF?

-I am NOT liking how Joey is talking to Melissa about taking everything, including his nuts.

-I wonder how many times we will see these replays of the Gorga/Giudice fights.

-Jackie, maybe it is none of your business what happened with Danielle and her brother.

-This luau is boring AF so far. The leid joke has been done to death and it just looks like any run of the mill party.

-This is the most boring episode to date. I said what I said.

-Of course Marge and Teresa are fighting and Rachel is being dragged in for no apparent reason.

-Poor Brittany looks soooooo uncomfortable with the whole Dolores/Frank situation.

-So now Teresa and Louie are inviting Melissa’s family? I mean, if they aren’t close, why would they be invited?

-Why are they 40-Year-Old Virgin waxing this dude? WTF am I even watching at this point?

-Jackie sure does like being in everyone’s business for someone who is only a ‘friend of.’ She didn’t bring this much when she was a full time housewife.

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-I dozed off twice and literally nothing has happened in this episode.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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