Jared from Subway: Catching A Monster Part 3 Recap

Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster Part 3 Recap

Jared from Subway: Catching A Monster Part 3 Recap

Part 3:


-Despite everything, Rochelle planned on making it her mission to let the world know about the monster that was Jared Fogle. The FBI wouldn’t let her talk, so she went to the local authorities. She turned in the FBI for not doing the due diligence in the case.

-Former Detective Chris Catanzaro recalls Rochelle coming into the department with the information on Jared. She questioned things at first, but things changed when she listened to the information Rochelle had from the calls. She was shocked, but knew that anyone could be a predator. However, there was nothing she could do since he did not live in the area. She went to the FBI herself, who confirmed that there was an investigation happening.

-Rochelle threatened to play the tapes on her radio show if they did not cooperate, but was convinced that this could do more harm than good.

-Rochelle’s coworker Sean recalls the FBI coming to the radio station to see Rochelle and take anything that could be considered evidence. They also raided her home to make sure they got everything. She was also told to be quiet or be charged with impending an investigation.

-Rochelle’s health continued to fall apart.

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-Jared was married at this point to a woman named Katie. He was also worth over 15 million dollars.

-Captain Chuck Cohen recalls how he found out about Russell’s monstrous behavior, which now included bestiality. Thanks to this and more evidence, his house was searched, leading to cameras being found in his stepdaughter’s rooms and other places where the kids would be vulnerable. There were several disturbing things on the videos and child porn was also found inside the house.

-Hannah and Christian recall finding out what Russell had been up to, completely turning their lives upside down. They soon realized they were being groomed and recall how some of the things done in their home was not okay.

-Jared released a statement saying that Russell had been fired from The Jared Foundation.  Subway also released a statement, saying that they had no ties to Russell or the foundation.

-Several victims were found through a search of Russell’s text messages. It was then discovered he was sending messages and pictures of child porn to Jared.

-Russell soon claimed he was into this stuff because of Jared, which led to Jared being investigated again. His home was raided, shocking the nation. He was not arrested at that time, but an investigation was happening.

-Rochelle remembers finding out about the raid and being completely shocked.

-Max Winitz remembers getting the call that Rochelle had information about Jared. He didn’t think it was real at first, but soon realized that it was indeed very, very real. He interviewed her and word got out about the monster that was Jared Fogle,

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-A deeper investigation showed that Jared spent thousands on sex workers, often requesting underaged ones. He is finally charged and pled guilty.

-His ex-wife spoke out about everything and it was soon discovered that Subway possibly knew what was going on but did nothing. It was possible they thought the allegations were false.

-Jared told the court he took full responsibility for his actions, while the defense tried to say he had a sex addiction. However, the courts, the tapes and other evidence showed him as a pedophile.

-Jared got 15 years in prison, which nobody thought was enough, especially the victims.

-In 2020, evidence was found against Hannah and Christian’s mom Angela involving sex crimes. In 2021, she was sentenced to 33 years in prison.

-The girls and Rochelle’s son (who lives in Taiwan) are thankful for the work she did and consider her a hero.


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