So You Think You Can Dance Recap for 8/19/19

Tonight is the second round of live shows and first results for Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance. One boy and one girl will go home, while the rest continue to dance for their lives. 

As always, Cat Deely hosts, while Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Laurieann Gibson and Dominic Sandoval judge.

We open with a wonderful group number, choreographed by Travis Wall. 

OK, so it turns out the couples are ALL dancing tonight and then two people will go home.

Stephanie and Gino: Jive 

Emma and Sasha choreograph this and I have to say, both Stephanie and Gino did very well! I loved the kicks and flicks and they added a ton of great personality to the entire routine.

Mary screams, Dominic and Nigel are super impressed with Gino and Laurieann smells success. 

That being said, Gino is safe, while Stephanie is in danger.

Sophie and Eddie: Contemporary

Their routine is choreographed by Travis. It is a beautiful routine and shows off their hard work and personalities. It also shows off how amazing Travis is as a choreographer. WOW.

The judges love it and think that Eddie did much better this week. They also are impressed with how well Sophie did. 

Sophie is safe, Eddie is in danger of going home. 

Anna and Benjamin: Hip hop

Randi and Hef choreographed this routine. It was a cute, fun routine, but to be honest, nothing really stood out for me. They did put a lot of effort into it, which is very obvious.

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The judges loved it, although Laurieann was a bit disappointed in Anna’s performance.

Anna is in danger, Benjamin is safe.

Madison and Ezra: Jazz

Ray is their choreographer. The chemistry between these two is through the roof. The Cabernet theme is incredible and it is overall HOT. This has to be my favorite routine of the night. 

The judges are equally impressed, with Laurieann squealing in delight and Nigel saying Bob Fosse would be proud. 

Ezra is in danger, Madison is safe.

Mariah and Bailey: Hip hop

This Luther inspired routine is the perfect way to end the night. I think I had my jaw on the ground the entire time. Mary is right, this is everything.

The judges are in awe and pronounce them the couple to beat.

They are both safe.


The judges are able to take tonight into account and decide who to save. They decide that Anna and Ezra are moving on and Eddie and Stephanie are going home. 

More next week! Stay tuned!

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