Big Brother All Stars Recap for 10/12/2020: Who is Guaranteed Final Four?

Tonight we continue the HOH competition on CBS’s Big Brother All Stars. The competition began immediately after Tyler was sent to the jury house in a unanimous vote. The houseguests must stack pumpkins on one side of a see saw without them dropping as they walk back and forth.


Christmas wants to win so she can put Cody and Nicole on the block, ultimately sending Cody home. Cody, for his part, wants to see Enzo or Nicole win so that Christmas won’t put him on the block. He also knows Memphis will probably go with Christmas.


The competition continues with everyone finding their rhythm. Christmas has a pumpkin fall, so she must start over. The same thing happens to Memphis, which ends up giving Nicole the win.


Christmas falls apart, while Memphis comforts her and Cody tries to convince Nicole to put Memphis on the block.


Nicole opens her HOH goodies, which includes a letter from her fiance Victor. As she goes through everything, Christmas goes to talk to her and spill some tea on what is happening around the house. Nicole makes Christmas believe she is safe, especially when Christmas reveals Memphis and Cody are the real threats in the house.


Cody also talks to Nicole, who tells her what Christmas shared. Memphis also talks to her, proposing a deal that he would not use POV if he wins and vote the way she wants him to going forward.


Nomination ceremony! As predicted, Christmas and Memphis are on the block because of the triple eviction debacle. Her big target is Memphis, who hopes his alliance saves him or he wins POV.

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More Wednesday, stay tuned!

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