Night Court Recap for 1/31/2023: Dan vs Dating

Night Court Recap for 1/31/2023: Dan vs Dating

Night Court Recap for 1/31/2023: Dan vs Dating

This week’s Night Court: Gurgs and Olivia try being office mates, Dan goes on a date.

The episode opens with another case where a woman is being tried for shoplifting, but she is more interested in hitting on Dan. Abby calls him and Olivia to the bench to give him a break and to comment on the fact that he is getting a lot more attention from the ladies. Gurgs and Olivia notice this too and offer their own snarky opinions. Dan thinks it was because he followed some advice given to him to make him more appealing to the fairer sex.


Later on, Abby asks Dan for advice on buying a fish when Helen from his previous case hits on him once more. He is then approached by another woman and makes a fool out of himself because he thinks she is hitting on him as well, but she only wants to know where the records room is located. However, he and Julianne end up hitting it off and she confesses she did find him attractive.


The gang teases him about this, but he says his heart is closed for business. Abby, Olivia, Gurgs and Neil give their own thoughts on romance and how they are portrayed in the movies, while Dan decides to text Julianne.

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Olivia tries to find a place to work in peace, but nothing seems to work, including the bathroom. Gurgs helps her out by showing her a blueprint of the building.


Abby and Neil discuss their plans for what to do since their night ended early. They discuss Dan ‘s date and wonder if it will go well. Abby begins to worry, so they decide to spy on him.


When they arrive, the waiter thinks they are on a date and goes to get them the restaurant’s famous soup. They spot Dan alone and think he got stood up, so they try to leave, only to cause a commotion.


Dan spots them and it turns out that he never actually sent the text to Julianne. He ends up having a heart to heart with Abby while Neil sends Julianne the text Dan wrote. She responds saying she will be there in five minutes.


Olivia and Gurgs find a secret spot in the building and debate on if they should share the space.


Dan is nervous about the date, so he convinces Abby and Neil to stay. He gets even more nervous and makes a fool out of himself once more. Abby spills water on him so Neil can take him to the bathroom and she can talk to Julianne to see what she wants. It turns out Julianne only wants a fling and nothing serious.


Abby reports this to Dan and he debates going back to the old Dan. Julianne goes to get him and they leave together.

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Back in the office, Gurgs annoys Olivia with her constant talking and Mug Shot of the Month Calendar. Olivia tries to get her to be quiet but no avail.


Dan and Julianne are back at his place and he is still nervous. He keeps talking about snacks and his late wife until Julianne says that she is only after him as revenge for sending her to prison for burning down her ex-boyfriend’s house. She then throws him the wallet she stole and tells him to get a shrink or ice cream because he needs help. He is confused, especially since the wallet isn’t even his.


Olivia decides to move out of the office and go to the solitary confinement cell. However, they admit their insecurities to each other and decide to try again.


Dan tells Abby about his disastrous date and they also bond as the episode comes to a close.


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