ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for An Afro and a Peugeot

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for An Afro and a Peugeot

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for An Afro and a Peugeot

The episode opens with Abishola on the phone with Bob while she shops with Ebun. She is being difficult and demanding about getting clothes. Bob, for his part, is out with Dottie for a day at the spa and shopping. They agree to meet for dinner, but cannot agree on where to go because Dottie wants steak and Ebun is in the mood for Chinese.


Later that night, Bob and Abishola enjoy a glass of wine and discuss spending less time with their moms. He suggests they have Dele get his license so he can help out, but she vetoes that idea. The two of them get into an argument about safe driving and Dele driving at all.


Doug is in the break room eating and working when Christina comes in feeling sorry for herself. He is worried about Goodwin reacting badly to them bleeding money, so she suggests that he couple the bad news with a solution. She says he should get the vendor on the phone and make a new contract. He loves the idea and decides to use it.


At the hospital, Gloria, Abishola and Kemi talk about their kids growing up. This upsets Abishola, but Kemi tries to make her feel better by saying that they will one day have a new generation to control.


Tunde and Bob talk about cars and the first ones they ever drove. This leads to a bonding moment between the men.

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Back at MaxDot, Doug delivers the news about the vendor with the solution Christina suggested. However, he takes all the credit when Goodwin and Kofo love the idea. She is upset and her mood gets worse when Goodwin makes her vaccum his car.


Bob is driving Dele home and bonding with him when he offers to let him drive. Dele is hesitant and then admits he learned how to drive in Nigeria. Bob is sad because he was hoping to use this as a special way to bond. Dele ends up driving anyway and seems feisty on the road. Bob is upset Dele’s dad taught him so much and even gave him his first beer.


Christina is eating Doug’s cake as revenge for taking her idea. He tries to explain why he did it, but she just smashes the cake in his face.


Abishola wants to know why the guys are home late, so Dele lets Bob tell Abishola about the day. Once the truth comes out, the two of them argue.


The next day, Ebun visits Bob at work when Tayo calls. The two of them talk about Dele and end up finding some common ground on how to help Dele become more independent….until Bob decides to hang up.


Doug and Goodwin enjoy a drink together when Christina comes in with ideas for the men’s line. Goodwin doesn’t want to hear it and says she should go through Doug with any ideas. Doug defends her and they all end up drinking together.

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At home, Bob tries to find something to teach Dele when Abishola comes in the room to show Dele something. She takes him outside to show him his new car….with a list of conditions. Bob is amazed by it as Dele happily sits in the car.


The episode ends with Dele driving Ebun and Dottie around….as they act like backseat drivers.

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