ICYMI: AGT All Stars Recap for 1/16/2023

ICYMI: AGT All Stars Recap for 1/16/2023

ICYMI: AGT All Stars Recap for 1/16/2023

Act 1: Avery Dixon: Saxophonist–AGT 17 (Terry’s Golden Buzzer): He is back and better than ever. What a way to open the show. I hope he makes it to the next round because he is so amazing.

The judges are in awe of him and give him a standing ovation.


Act 2: Peter Antoniou: Mentalist– AGT 16: He is back for redemption after being buzzed at the semifinals. Terry, Howie and some dude named Peter help with his act. Peter helps read minds, but Simon is still not impressed and buzzes him.

Howie and Heidi enjoyed the act.


Act 3: Viviana Rossi: Aerialist–AGT 17: She was injured and had to miss the semifinals, but is back for her own redemption story. She works with fire and danger, making the act that much better.

The judges are in awe and think she had a real shot at the finals had she stayed in her season.


Act 4: Dustin’s Dojo: Variety–AGT 9: This is old school! They are fun to watch, but get buzzed by Simon and Heidi right away. They aren’t fans, but Howie enjoys it.


Act 5: Mike E. Winfield: Comedian–AGT 17: I loved him in his season and am thrilled that he is back. His jokes are about his family, but still so relatable.

Simon loves it so much he gives him THE GOLDEN BUZZER!!!


Act 6: Keiichi Iwasaki: Magician: BGT 2022: He does the traditional handkerchief act and makes the red buzzer change….it is so interesting, especially when Heidi gets involved.

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The judges LOVE him and think he has a great personality.


Act 7: Dance Town Family: Dance–AGT 15: They were on in 2020 but performed virtually due to COVID. They are so cute and fun to watch, especially since there are so many of them.

The judges adore them and think that the superfans would love them.


Act 8: Keren Montero: Singer–Dominicana’s Got talent 2021 Winner: She has such a gorgeous voice and a beautiful stage presence.

The judges love her voice and think she has a real shot at making it to the next round.


Act 9: Captain Ruin–Variety–Australia’s Got Talent 2019: He got the Golden Buzzer, but ended up disappearing from the show after the semis. His act consists of a lot of knife throwing…..and not much else.

He gets buzzed by Simon and did not impress any of the other judges either.


Act 10: Bir Khalsa: Variety–AGT 14: The act is absolutely crazy and involves smashing things, nails, ice blocks and so much more.

The judges think it is crazy and are mesmerized by him.



Top 3 Acts: Peter, Keren and Avery….with Keren in 3rd, Peter in 2nd and Avery in the next round.


More next week, stay tuned!



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