Call Me Kat Recap for 1/26/2023: Call Me Ichabod Evil Knievel

Call Me Kat Recap for 1/26/2023: Call Me Ichabod Evil Knievel

Call Me Kat Recap for 1/26/2023: Call Me Ichabod Evil Knievel

This week’s Call Me Kat on Fox opens with Randi and Kat interviewing potential new bakers. The first woman is a no-go, but they hit the jackpot with a guy named Gideon, who seems to be the male version of Kat. He is also Amish and getting used to living outside the community.


She wants to hire him straight away, but Randi isn’t so sure. They debate on it as Kat brushes one of the cats….with the brush in her mouth.


At the bar, Sheila is moaning about her life and how she wants to get with a man name Rodrigo. Carter and Max are willing to listen and help, as is their new friend.


Randi and Kat bring Gideon to the bar and he is blown away by everything, since he is seeing it for the first time.


Back at the cafe, Gideon tries bartering with customers and gets frustrated that his cookies aren’t selling. Kat tries to make him feel better and he decides to make more cupcakes.


Max and Carter accompany Sheila to a party in the community home and she tells them to get rid of two old bags….aka her competition.


Kat decides to make a dating profile for Gideon and catches him churning butter. She and Randi tell him he doesn’t need to do that because there are stores like Costco. He is amazed by this and thinks he is in heaven.

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Rodrigo is charming all the ladies, so Max and Carter try to put the attention on themselves so Sheila can have time alone with him. It works and they begin flirting over wine.


Kat and Gideon have fun running around Costco, including trying out cologne. Gideon is enchanted by a tent set up and plays with the zipper with Kat. Randi leaves them behind.


Max and Carter are in the restroom together when Max gets pee shy. Rodrigo is also in there and talks about the ladies. They mention Sheila and talk her up, saying she is girlfriend material. However, Rodrigo says that is not how he rolls, which worries the guys… Max finally uses the potty.


Gideon and Kat try out new track suits as he tries his first drink. He wants to keep taking things further, including doing things like cocaine and kissing Kat and Randi. He only embarrasses himself and runs off, thanking them for his first threesome.


The next day, the girls are looking at Gideon’s dating profile when they get a telegram from him resigning from the job and going to the place he loves…..Costco or the revolving doors.


The guys go to warn Sheila about Rodrigo, but it turns out she is okay with the situation. She thanks them for caring and sends them off. The two of them run into Mindy in the hallway and end up having drinks with her.


Kat finds Gideon in the tent at Costco and has a heart to heart with him as the show comes to a close.

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