Reia Rani Shah Setting the Stage for Disney in Lead Role for Go Iguanas

Reia Rani Shah is an actor, dancer, and singer, who has appeared in stage performances and on screen from the age of two. She first caught the attention of NBC News dancing Bihu, as she represented the northeastern Indian state of Assam during the India Day Parade in New York City in 2017 and has wowed audiences ever since. At the age of six, Reia Rani was cast to play the leading role of Peyton Moore, a time travel guardian, in the latest series of the children’s television series, Go Iguanas! on Premiere+, filmed at Disney, in Orlando.

Born and raised in New York City to British and American parents, Reia Rani has heritage from Assam and Gujarat in India. Reia Rani enjoys playing with her friends, puppy, and spending time with her family. She is also a talented artist who enjoys playing the piano and violin, creating art projects, and practicing Taekwondo.

When did your passion for the arts begin?

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved to sing and dance, and always enjoyed dressing up and play acting.

Tell us about your first break on stage.

I was two years old dancing Bihu to represent Assam for the India Independence Day parade in New York City, when NBC News covered my dance and soon, I was all over the news that evening.


As an actress, what do you look for a role? Do you have a favorite role?

I like to play fun roles where I can use my personality in my character, Super heroes, racing car drivers, you name it!

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Tell us about your role of Peyton Moore, a time travel guardian in the latest series of the children’s television series, Go Iguanas. What led you to this role?

I was picked to play the leading role of Peyton Moore, who is a time travel spy and guardian that helps keeps the world safe, by capturing baddies, sending them to time travel trial, and then fixing any time loops. I guess I was picked due to my fun imagination!

Who would you like to work with?

I’d like to work with the stars in Paddington Bear, play a superhero in Disney shows, and have a tea party at Buckingham Palace with the King and Queen Consort of England!


What roles do you see yourself in during 2022?

My role with Go Iguanas continues as I’ve been offered to play the lead role of Peyton Moore in a Hollywood movie! Look out for my role as Peyton!

Please share your upcoming projects/goals.

I love performing, so would enjoy a role where I can play a character, dance, or sing. When I’m on set I like to make friends with my cast members as that really helps with rehearsals ahead of filming.

My Instagram is reiaranishah, and my IMDB profile is  so do follow me!

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