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Married to Medicine Snark and Recap for 8/7/2022

Married to Medicine Snark and Recap for 8/7/2022

  • No, Dr. Kiran. You do NOT get to tell Dr. Eugene that you find the joke funny when he CLEARLY said it was offensive.
  • Dr. Eugene is completely justified in being pissed off about the joke and calling everyone out fir finding it funny. Being the butt of a joke is never fun.
  • Maybe going axe throwing after a fight isn’t a good idea.
  • It is so sweet that the ladies have lunch together, even though there is still a bit of tension there.
  • So the ladies want to plan a girls’ trip when nobody gets along with Dr. Heavenly…yeah, that won’t be a disaster. #sarcasm
  • Somehow, I think Anila having her mom move in will turn into an epic disaster.
  • Dr. Contessa talking about junk food…..this is such a Claudia Kishi mood.
  • I am glad her coach is helping her diet for her competition, but can’t it wait until after vacation?
  • Oh, HELL NO! I know Malcolm did not try to throw out Laila’s Halloween candy. It is for her, not Dr. Contessa and she should still be able to enjoy it.
  • The women seem to be getting along—for now….but between the tension with Dr, Heavenly and the menopause comment, it won’t last.
  • Those hotel rooms look incredible–I need to do more traveling.
  • The women are fighting over…what everyone is eating and Never Have I Ever? WTF?
  • This game always ends in disaster….or very embarrassing, awkward moments. I’m just saying…
  • Contessa is a freaky one….she pretty much sipped for each ‘never have I ever.’ Get it, girl!
  • More next week, stay tuned!
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