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America's Got Talent Recap for 8/30/2022AMERICA’S GOT TALENT -- “Semi Finals 1” Episode 1715 -- Pictured: Harper -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/30/2022

Act 1: Bayley Graham (dancer): It is a cute way to begin the show. The tap dancing is done very well, and it is even more impressive that it s done on a staircase. It is a bit simple, but with his charisma, it kind of works.


Simon found it a bit overwhelming, but the other judges enjoyed it.


Act 2: Acapop Kids (choir): They are dressed in a rainbow of colors, which gives off Power Ranger vibes…so cute. Their sound is also sweet and innocent.


Howie buzzes them, but everyone else thinks they did a good job.


Act 3: Jannick Holste (dancing magician): It begins with a fun, pop dance and then goes into magic while the dancing continues. It is flashy, fun and full of excitement from start to finish.


Simon wasn’t that impressed, but the other judges loved it.


Act 4: Lee Collinson (singer): He dedicates his performance to his mom, making the performance that much sweeter. I am not familiar with this song, but it seemed to be a solid performance.


Howie and Simon don’t think it was the right song choice, but Heidi and Sofia enjoyed it.


Act 5: Jack Williams (ventriloquist): He is the best act of the night so far. He uses two puppets and is able to make it seem like one of them stole his voice. It was witty, fun and entertaining.


The judges enjoyed it, but Howie thinks it lacked originality.

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Act 6: Metaphysics (impressionist): They do an impressions of Howie, Simon and Terry singing opera. I have no clue how they pulled that off and added the pictures of each man. It is next level talent and I am here for it!


The judges are blown away and think it is the best of the season.


Act 7: The Lazy Generation: (novelty): They do a bunch of Jackass-esque tricks and… is….something else. It reminds me of something frat guys would do on TikTok for the lulz, but I cannot stop laughing.


Sofia buzzed them, but everyone else enjoyed it.


Act 8: Merissa Beddows (impressionist): In addition to doing the show, she is the sole caregiver of her sick mother. She begins by singing opera, but then goes into impressions of Celine Dion, Cher, Evanescence and the Family Guy theme song. She is so different and so adorable.


The judges liked it, but Simon thinks it lacked personality.


Act 9: Harper (screamer): She does her singing/screaming act and it is….interesting to say the least. It is impressive to see how someone so tiny can have such a huge voice.


The judges love it!


Act 10: Michael E Winfield (comedian): He jokes about various things, including buying lingerie for girlfriends. He wonders why Victoria’s Secret has such expensive bras and if they have Bluetooth. Then he wonders why the beige drawers from JC Penny’s are unsexy and are so high they can ‘be used to rob a bank.’


The judges adore him and his act.

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Act 11: Lily Meola (singer/ Heidi’s Golden Buzzer): What a way to end the night. She literally sounds like an angel. WOW. I have no words.


The judges are in awe.


Results tomorrow, stay tuned.


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