Sammi’s Favorite Things: The Primetimer Guide to Streaming TV

Sammi’s Favorite Things: The Primetimer Guide to Streaming TV

Sammi’s Favorite Things: The Primetimer Guide to Streaming TV

You’ve just finished a series and you’re hungry to start another, but where to start? How can you find something that satisfies that same laugh-out-loud-with-friends-feeling like you get from  Schitt’s Creek, or that edge-of-your-seat-suspense that you felt with Squid Game?  The experts at have compiled hand-curated lists just for you that will help you find your next great binge…check a few of them out below.

These lists and more can be found in the new book, The Primetimer Guide to Streaming TV by Aaron Barnhart.

If you liked Mare of Easttown … you’ll like

Bloodlands [Acorn TV]

Grim, unpredictable thriller wraps a detective’s and Northern Ireland’s troubled histories around a kidnapping case.

Happy Town []

Melodramatic, enjoyable murder mystery is set in a small Minnesota town where no crime has been committed in years.

Hightown [Starz]

Diverse crime saga is elevated by Monica Raymund’s turn as an addict.

Terriers [Hulu]

Short-lived, delightful procedural about detectives whose shoddy personal lives dovetailed with the crimes they solved.

Top of the Lake [Hulu]

Elisabeth Moss brings real depth to a stock role.

The Twelve [Netflix]

Belgian drama revolves around a jury as it is affected by testimony in a murder trial.

If you liked Schitt’s Creek … you’ll like

Better Things [Hulu]

Groundbreaking show about a single mom with daughters and a lot of issues.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay [Hulu]

Josh Thomas created and stars in this dramedy with an off-kilter take on autism, grieving and puberty.

The Other Two [HBO Max]

A rollicking satire of Internet fame and a poignant look at social media’s impact on our relationships.

Please Like Me [Hulu]

Josh Thomas in an unflinching show about a gay man helping his mother navigate depression.

Rutherford Falls [Peacock]

Indigenous and white cultures clash in a small-town comedy that’s surprisingly sweet and philosophical.

This Close [AMC+]

Deaf BFFs rely on each other in this dramedy about love and life in L.A.

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If you liked Squid Gameyou’ll like

Altered Carbon [Netflix]

Stylish alt-future allegory where the rich avoid death by having their thoughts and memories transferred to another body.

Jericho [Paramount+]

A small town in Kansas becomes a refuge post-nuclear holocaust in this underrated CBS drama from the ’00s.

Panic [Prime Video]

Addictive YA drama based on Lauren Oliver’s bestseller.

The Society [Netflix]

Everyone in town disappears, so a group of teenagers must create society anew.

The Third Day [HBO Max]

Jude Law wanders onto a mysterious island whose inhabitants are fiercely protective of their way of life.

Yellowjackets [Showtime]

Decades after surviving a plane crash as girls, a group of women come to terms with what they did to stay alive.



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