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Need something new to read? check out Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted, available wherever books are sold. It is a great tool for any woman who needs to create a better mindset and live their very best lives. Check out more information below.
Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted (Simon & Schuster/Atria Books) When it comes to over-taxed busy moms, moms in need of appreciation and those looking to explore a fun, new part of themselves, this book comes to the rescue!  Mom will discover the deepest part of herself, her intuition and who she sincerely is at her deepest core.  She’ll learn fun things like how to find lost items around the house, find great parking spaces or perhaps awaken into a new career or hobby.  If your sending positive vibes to your mom for Mother’s Day, this book will deliver a powerful love message to her!  In fact, it’s all about herand she’ll thank you for your lifelong impactful gift!  See what superstars like Martha Stewart, Jennifer Hudson and others have to say about the author of this life-changing book for mom! It’s the go-to for those you love in your life!

Praise for Kimberly Friedmutter and Subconscious Power

“Kimberly inspires women to be better versions of themselves!” — Jennifer Hudson

“Kimberly and I share the same philosophy. Often the teacher, always the student.” — Martha Stewart

“For anyone that needs to ignite the champion within, I urge you to read Kimberly’s words of wisdom.” — Mike Tyson

17.39$ Hard Cover 

Visit: for e-course, available now!
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