ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for A Solo Peanut, a Social Butterfly and the Truth

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for A Solo Peanut, a Social Butterfly and the Truth

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for A Solo Peanut, a Social Butterfly and the Truth


The episode opens with Sheldon waiting on line for a science lecture. While he is waiting, He runs into Paige, who is part of the lecture with her mentor. He says he had been waiting for three hours and she teases him about being a fan.


Georgie helps Mandy move into her new apartment, which leads to them sleeping together after.


MeeMaw drops Missy home. They are bonding over MeeMaw’s breakup, which upsets Mary. She thinks it is inappropriate for Missy to be hearing, but MeeMaw disagrees. This leads to Mary and MeeMaw going out drinking.


Dale gives George his side of the story about the breakup. George doesn’t want to hear it, so he convinces Dale to use a punching bag instead.


Paige goes to visit Sheldon in his dorm. She tells him that everyone else went for drinks, so she is on her own. Darren comes to visit and invites them to play video games. Paige never played before, so Darren says that she can be on Oscar’s team,


Mandy catches Georgie looking at her yearbook and asks when she can see his. He tells her that he dropped out his senior year and that he is really seventeen. She freaks out and throws him out of her apartment.


The guys try to get to know Paige, but she doesn’t seem to be having fun. She admits she has no friends and ends up leaving. Sheldon says goodbye, but the guys convince him to go after her.

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MeeMaw and Mary drink at the bar, where MeeMaw compares peanuts to people and makes Mary uncomfortable.


Sheldon goes to talk to Paige, who is still upset about being treated like a novelty and jealous that Sheldon has friends. She admits that she hates her life in college and ends up leaving, confusing Sheldon.


At dinner, Mary and MeeMaw are drunk, Georgie is upset over his breakup and Sheldon is still reeling over his time with Paige. MeeMaw also wants George to help her get her stuff back, including her purple bra. Missy decides she also wants a purple bra, leaving Mary agitated and George thinking this is a crazy dinner.


MeeMaw is at work hungover, when Mandy comes in, making a lot of noise and angry that MeeMaw didn’t say anything. MeeMaw tries to bond with her, but no avail

Georgie comes in, getting his own lecture from MeeMaw.


Paige goes back to Sheldon’s dorm room, where she convinces him to let her stay over while she figures out how to tell her mom she wants to drop out of college. Sheldon decides to help her, so he turns to Missy for help in making her a care package. Missy thinks he needs to tell an adult about Paige and ends up telling Mary herself when Sheldon says he promised he wouldn’t tell.


The trio end up in Sheldon’s dorm, where they find a note saying Paige ran away. Adult Sheldon says she ended up with her mom’s after a few frantic nights. He also admits he finds parenting challenging now that he is a father.

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The episode ends with Mandy telling Georgie she is pregnant.

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