ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Irresponsible

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Irresponsible

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Irresponsible

Carter is working in the bar when he hears noises from the basement. He runs to get Phil, who decides to investigate with him. As they go down, they see something and begin to scream.


Kat and Randi hear them and go to see what is going on. They all discover Max, who has been living in the basement since being evicted. He confesses he is bad with money and lost his apartment. Kat agrees to help him back on his feet while Carter offers him a place to stay.


Sheila goes to the cafe and asks Randi to help her take pictures of her for her dating profile. She is ready to get back in the dating game, leading to her and Phil talking about how the dating game has changed.


Kat is  floored by the state of Max’s finances. She asks him how he got there and he admits he was always taken care of in the past. She tells him there will be no more needless spending and he has to go on a strict budget, complete with a spreadsheet.


Randi does the photoshoot with Sheila. She thinks it is going well, only to get annoyed when Sheila keeps fussing and changing clothes. Sheila says Randi doesn’t know what she is doing and fires her as her photographer.


Max goes into the bar with new sneakers. Kat and Carter wonder why he got them when he was on a budget. He tries to justify his spending, but finally relents and agrees to return them.

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Later on, Randi vents to Kat about Sheila. Kat is glad Randi understands what it was like for her growing up.


Max comes in, saying he cannot return the sneakers. Carter tells them there is a VIP concert, but Kat refuses to let him go due to his budget. This only upsets him more.


The next day, Kat talks to Sheila about how her behavior can come across as rude. She denies this and goes to talk to Phil. He tells her she inspired him to do online dating. She admits she is scared and that is why she is sabotaging herself. Sheila gets up and walks out with confidence.


CJ tries to talk to Max about budgeting, money and how he is being a fool. This leads to Max dreaming about his future, where Carter is dead, CJ kicks him out and he is old. Kat shows up in the dream to show off how she is a success. He wakes up in a fright.


Sheila goes to visit Randi and apologizes. She asks her for help and they decide to redo the pictures.


The next day, Carter and Kat talk about the concert and how they wish Max were there. They agree they did the right thing by not buying him a ticket.


At that moment, Max walks in, wearing a cowboy outfit. He took a second job working at birthday parties. He gets money plus tips from moms who want quiet. He says he can now afford to take Kat to dinner. He also shares how his dream caused him to change his ways. Carter is upset that he is dead in said dream.

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Sheila and Randi bond over a photoshoot, which scares Kat. She runs to tell Carter, who says she looks like she had seen a ghost.


Max walks in, dressed as a clown for another party. He says more costumes equal more money as the episode comes to a close.


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