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Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 12/28/2021

Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 12/28/2021

  • Raquel’s sister Kate seems so sweet and so supportive of James’s sobriety. That is exactly what he needs now.
  • I understand why James doesn’t want Raquel having a trashy bachelorette party. However, he did come off as controlling. I can see why Kate is now seeing red flags.
  • Scotch….it sounded good at the time. Oh, Brock.
  • Brock planning to propose to Scheana….complete with a shotgun wedding is so….crazy, but to him.
  • Lala seems so serious about her business and I am so proud of her dedication.
  • It is obvious the Tom breakup is not going over well, but at least Katie and Ariana are still close.
  • I am loving the fact that Lala calls James out on his bad behavior, but she does it in a direct, nice way.
  • How is Lala the voice of reason in this episode? First with James, then with Brock and the engagement/wedding idea. That being said, she seems to want what is best for Scheana and to be a good friend.
  • Charli has made $356 for her feet pictures so far.
  • So, everyone now knows Brock’s plan….while Scheana was secretly shopping for dresses. Right now, it looks like the wedding is a no-go, but the engagement is on.
  • Lala seems to really be focusing on being a better friend these days, good for her!
  • Katie and Ariana are opening a sandwich shop….I am actually curious to see how this goes.
  • Lisa’s support of the shop is great….don’t get mad, get even and then some!
  • James doubling down on his behavior about the bachelorette party is…..kind of scary. Also, Tom should not have brought it up at Lala’s party. There is a time and a place for things, and this is not it.
  • It is odd, but very cute that Lisa purchased the feet pictures to help support the girls.
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More next week. stay tuned!


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