Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 11/30/2021

Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 4/26/2023

Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 11/30/2021

  • Sanctimonival for the name of the bar? I can barely spell it, let alone pronounce it, but good on Lala for being snarky.
  • I think it is so sweet that the Toms want to make mocktails and include James in the process.
  • Why do I think Sandoval is going to create a cocktail based on the one that gave him the sickest blow job? Also was he drunk or clumsy in that ITM interview?
  • The Barbicide cocktail sounds amazing for the opening of a hair salon.
  • I am also digging the idea of a caprese cocktail.
  • This Sandoval/Katie fight is really getting old, but this time, I am on Katie’s side. She has the experience because she WORKED for her mom’s restaurant. Sandoval’s comparison of being a son of a firefighter doesn’t even make any sense.
  • James is the voice of reason tonight? Color me surprised….but he is correct in his thoughts on how Schwartz should handle things.
  • Although I have never been pregnant, Scheana’s body insecurities are so relatable.
  • Brock wearing undies with Scheana’s face on them is a cute idea in theory to make her feel better, but comes across as creepy.
  • I am blown away with how seriously James is taking his sobriety. Seeing him with his sponsor and talking about quitting smoking weed made me tear up. I am so proud of him.
  • Lala comparing Schwartz to her fussy baby was EPIC.
  • Ariana saying she would be upset if she were in Katie’s shoes was surprising. I really thought she was Team i Toms.
  • Shoeing a beer sounds and looks so disgusting.
  • I am living for Lala and Katie snarking on the Toms. The back and forth between their snark and the cocktail making is hysterical.
  • It is so incredible and cute to see James so excited about becoming sober. Lisa and Ken seem very supportive, but are obviously (and justifiably) still upset over the Max fiasco.
  • Charli is slowly becoming one of my favorite cast members. She is a breath of fresh air and so real.
  • I am on Charli’s side with the whole man grabbing her and being upset that Scheana didn’t help her…it is times like this you have to help your friends instead of ignoring it and being on your phone.
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More next week, stay tuned!

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