Vanderpump Rules Finale Snark and Highlights for 5/17/2023

Vanderpump Rules Finale Snark and Highlights for 5/17/2023

Vanderpump Rules Finale Snark and Highlights for 5/17/2023

-We are at the season finale for Vanderpump Rules…..and finally seeing the Scandoval fallout as it was filmed, or refilmed, I should say. Also, according to Page Six, Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss broke up, but neither of them confirmed it or had their reps say anything.

-We get footage from the March 1st WWHL where Raquel and Scheana Shay were guests, talking about Sandoval being hot.

-Sandoval recalls Ariana getting the phone during the show with an incriminating video. Ariana remembers seeing it and realizing what truly happened with her boyfriend and best friend. Sandoval seems more upset that he didn’t delete the video, while Ariana recalls calling Raquel and calling her out.

-Scheana recalls being there for the call and being WTF.

-Sandoval claims they weren’t happy, while Ariana remains shocked about the Scando-of-it-al.

-Back to the show….Ariana is hashing things out with her friend Meredith, showing her a wine bottle from her first trip with Tom and going through her emotions.

-Sandoval asks her if she wants anything and she says for him to die. He keeps trying to justify his actions, gaslighting her……and she hands him his ass on a silver platter, all while insulting Raquel for not having her own identity and stooping so low she had to steal her best friend’s man.

-The two of them end up in a screaming match and he continues to gaslight her, calling her disrespectful and saying that their relationship changed. He keeps trying to justify his actions while she continues to call him out on his lies.

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-This is making me cry… heart is so broken for Ariana.

-Sandoval’s crocodile tears make me see that he isn’t even sorry for this, he is just sorry he got caught.

-Schwartz cuddling with the dog is adorable.

-Wait, all Schwartz got from this Scandoval is the fact that Schwartz and Sandys is suffering and got bad Yelp reviews?

-Did we need a Jax flashback to justify Sandoval’s action? WTF am I watching?

-Porn in the bathroom was his idea of a problem solver? WTF?

-She was supposed to follow him so she could see him cheating? Again, WTF? I can’t even……this is…..

-The fact that Katie and Scheana can come together to be there for Ariana is so amazingly sweet.

-Sandoval got angry at Ariana after having sex with Raquel while she was dealing with her DOG dying? This is only getting worse for him.

-Scheana’s nail defense was so unintentionally hilarious.

-Of course, Schwartz knew…..we all know he knew…..even my cat probably knows he knew!

-Okay, James being upset about this….but more about Sandoval’s actions is so unexpected.

-Lala playing detective and pulling out all these cases of possible mini-Scandovals is everything I never knew I needed.

-James handing Raquel her ass over the phone while insulting Sandoval in front of the girls is sending me…..He has his issues, but I think that in his own way he loves Ariana and hates seeing her hurt.

-Now Raquel is justifying this affair? I seriously can’t with these two….TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY AND REALIZE THE HURT YOU CAUSED!!!

-Did Sandoval call Raquel Ariana?

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-They are NOW worried about being caught kissing on camera? What is WRONG with these two?

-Raquel was not seen or heard from for weeks after her scene with Sandoval? What happened to her?

-I am living for Lisa mommying Ariana right now. She needs someone to hug her and be mommy.

-Ariana: She should leave the state and change her name back to Rachel or some other name because she will not be welcome back here (paraphrasing) This was perfect!

-Schwartz, you and Katie were together for a decade….she knows when you are lying.

-Is Schwartz making this Scandoval about himself and the bar?

-There is a man eating Nile crocodiles in Florida right now….is that what is REALLY bothering Schwartz?

-Kristen is back!!!

-Kristen telling Ariana to get her electrolytes is so sweet.

-This letting go scene with Kristen and Ariana is perfect!

-I am glad Lisa is letting Sandoval tell his side of the story, but he is only making it worse for himself with his ‘justifications’ and fake tears.

-The Send it to Darrell hoodie is so perfect for this episode.

-I am pretty sure I wore an outfit similar to Scheana’s my senior year in high school. The jacket, the hat, the earrings…so 2001!

-This girl’s night out is what Ariana needed….until it was crashed by Schwartz.

-Schwartz asking if Ariana wants to chat in the middle of the girls talking makes me wonder if he got confused and thought he was on The Bachelor.

-YES, ARIANA, CALL SCHWARTZ OUT TOO! Also, why is he STILL making this about himself?

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-Ariana not wanting to be friends with Schwartz is totally justified.

-Scheana, honey…..I love you, but not the episode to make this about you!



-Wait, Sandoval is accusing Ariana of threatening to kill herself if she left? Even if she did say that, Scheana is right, you get her loved ones to rally around her.

-Scheana read him for filth and I am so glad!

-Reunion next week!! Stay tuned!

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