The Real Housewives of Potomac GVO or GTFO: All The Highlights

The Real Housewives of Potomac GVO or GTFO: All The Highlights

The Real Housewives of Potomac GVO or GTFO: All The Highlights


Here are the highlights from tonight’s The Real Housewives of Potomac GVO or GTFO.

Mia says Candiace is acting like she is high school. Is she the pot or the kettle in this situation?

Candiace making fun of Mia’s mom and her feet really shows her as petty and immature, as does the joy she gets out of telling Chris about the situation.

Gizelle is SAVAGE AF with her text to Wendy.

Wendy dressing up her dog is so cute. However, Zoey the dog does not seem amused.

It seems like nobody even wants to go on this trip. I have a feeling it might be just Wendy and Mia.

Ray being snarky with Karen about being invited on the couples’ trip is a MOOD.

Why would there be a valet and butler at the house? This isn’t Beverly Hills!

Gordon telling Eddie he could be the valet/butler dude was so hilarious.

These househusbands need to do a show with the househusbands of New Jersey. I would pay to see Gordon and Joey G in the same room together.

Note to Bravo: Do a househusbands all stars show!

So did Karen get married or is she still planning said wedding? It sounds like she got married, but I would have thought we would have seen something.

Jolly Green Giant Mia? Why is Candiace so obsessed with Mia’s size and her feet?

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Mia thinks Candiace needs to get laid….HA!

I think that the trip would have been so much better with just Mia, Gordon, Wendy and Eddie….or just a bromance trip with Eddie and Gordon.

Why do the women always scream when someone arrives?

WOW, Gordon really yelled at Mia for no apparent reason. I agree with Wendy, what happens behind closed doors.

The husbands seem to be the most reasonable people on this show.

Askale seems to be the voice of reason in this group.

I love how the men are just laughing at the drama.

So God made Mia basic with big-ass feet?

The gift baskets Wendy made are amazing and I wish they would have made a list of everything she put in there so everyone could buy them.

I love how Gordon is watching the drama unfold and not doing a damn thing.

Mia’s mom should be off limits since they don’t know her like that.

I cannot believe they all began a food fight….that is just….I have no words.

More next week, stay tuned.


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