Top Chef Amateurs: Hillary Olsen Speaks

Top Chef Amateurs: Hillary Olsen Speaks

Top Chef Amateurs: Hillary Olsen Speaks

Bravo recently premiered a new season of Top Chef, which airs every Thursday night. As always, it is a very interesting show with lots of drama, competition and of course, food!

However, this season took a different turn with amateur chefs being paired with all stars from previous seasons. As we have already seen, it has been quite an interesting viewing experience. Not only was it once again filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also took a different route in terms of determining winners. Instead of one overall winner, there is one each week as the chefs go head to head in the competition. Confused? Well, you will have to tune in to see what it is all about!

Producer Hillary Olsen revealed that this season is quite an exciting one and filled with many surprises, thanks to the addition of amateurs. While she did not give too much away, she did say that the mood this season is very joyous. She also explained the role of the all stars, saying that they will be acting as judges in addition to working with their assigned amateur.

So how are they working together? Hillary explained that the amateurs are ultimately in charge of how the dish is cooked, but they explain to their all star how it should be made. The all star will offer help, but in the end it is up to their mentee to guide the dish. Needless to say, it is a very interesting process for everyone involved.

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Hillary also explained how everyone was paired up, saying that they tried to pair the amateurs with chefs they admired and/or ones they think they would work well with in challenges. It has proven to be quite an interesting experience and one that will continue in weeks to come.

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“Top Chef Amateurs” is produced by Magical Elves with Casey Kriley, Jo Sharon, Doneen Arquines, Gayle Gawlowski, Zoe Jackson and Hillary Olsen serving as executive producers.

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