The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for The Salem Bitch Trials

The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for The Salem Bitch Trials

The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for The Salem Bitch Trials

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City opens with the ladies planning a trip to Salem. Leah wants to do a leather and latex dinner party on the first night….which is interesting.

Leah also wants to invite Bershan, thinking they can talk about penises. She also hopes she can have sex with a ghost and I have no clue what to do with that information.


Ghosts don’t wear undies so they can get a better grip on the broom. TM: LuAnn.


Bershan and Ramona have lunch together. Ramona welcomes Bershan to the group and they bond over the night before. Bershan says she likes everyone in the group and thinks that they can all learn from each other.


Eboni takes Sonja to meet someone named Devyn. She is thrilled about it and thinks that if Ramona or LuAnn were setting her up, it would be a disaster.

The two of them bond over being single and discuss Ramona’s attitude when it comes to politics and Eboni wanting to teach her about important issues. Eboni tells Sonja about how Ramona called her preachy, but at the end of the night, she came around and was willing to listen.

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It turns our Devyn is  a matchmaker….and is this a new thing on the franchise? They had one with Garcelle a few weeks ago on RHOBH.

Anyway, Sonja gives Devyn the pros and cons of her life and what she is looking for in men and relationships. She basically wants a worldly, rich dude who wants to travel, but is okay with staying home.


The ladies get ready for Salem, which will now have a seance night. They take a tour bus, which pretty much has everything…including the kitchen sink.

As they travel, Sonja decides they should all order vibrators….but not the chicken one. She wants a Gumby one. Again, I have no idea what to do with this information.

The topic gets more serious when Bershan talks to them about how she found out she had stage four breast cancer and given only months to live. She said it was a life changing moment and decided that if she lived, she would become a warrior for everyone. That was thirteen years ago and she is keeping her promise.

Once the ladies arrive at Salem, they go to their hotel, which has paintings with moving eyes and other spooky goodness. They are given a blessing before heading to their luxury rooms, filled with

food, personalized altars and positive blessings.


As an aside, I am mentally planning a girls’ trip of my own here with my mom, sister and goddaughter.


The ladies get ready for the latex and leather party, which is at a tattoo place. They talk about if they are getting ink, but it seems like only Eboni and Leah are the only ones interested.

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At dinner, the topic of racism and white supremacy comes up, which leads to more arguing with Eboni, LuAnn and Ramona. LuAnn wonders how Eboni came up with the conclusion that she is a white supremacist, while Ramona wants to change the subject. Leah jumps in to defend Eboni, saying that the new girl always gets s**t on and Eboni is not accepting it.

She goes on to say they never had black friends in the group and ends up getting into a blistering fight with Ramona, accusing her of what is wrong in the world.

So I guess the BFF tattoos are canceled?


Ramona tries to leave, but the ladies convince her to stay. Bershan explains that Eboni is correct in wanting to teach the ladies, but she comes across a bit strong. Eboni explains that she likes Ramona, but wants to make sure she is not aligned with white supremacy. She also wants to know that if they voted for Donald Trump, she wants to know if it was because of economic reasons or for something else. She even admits her own mother voted for him and she was very vocal about it.

Eboni says she can respect it if they would say they voted for him for tax cuts, but they need to say that. Of course that leads to more fighting and Ramona leaving, coming back and dancing. Leah thinks this is horrible and think she will never live this down.

More next week, stay tuned.

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