America’s Got Talent Recap for July 6, 2021

America's Got Talent Recap for July 6, 2021

America’s Got Talent Recap for July 6, 2021

Tonight is the sixth night of auditions for NBC’s America’s Got Talent. There is another Golden Buzzer and you will need to stay tuned to see how it is used.


Joel Claudio: He is a baton twirler who is celebrating his 30th birthday by auditioning. His performance is filled with tricks, twists, outfit changes and everything you would see in a drumline, cheerleading and acrobat performance mixed together. I have no clue how he got this creative, but I am obsessed. He deserved every one of those yeses.


Madilyn Bailey: She is a YouTube singing sensation who performs an original song inspired by her online haters. She kind of has some sort of Carrie Underwood meets Avril Lavigne vibe to her and I am here for it! She wins over the judges and gets four yeses.


Chapkidz: They are a dance crew that consists of 30 dancers. I am amazed about how they are able to dance so well together and stay in sync. I am enchanted by them and hardly know where to look because it is so amazing. They get four yeses.


After an interesting montage that consisted of rejections, we get back down to business.


Matt Mauser: He is a retired teacher who lost his wife in the same plane crash that killed Kobe Bryant. He was left to raise their three children on his own and wants to show them to chase their dreams. His rendition of Against All Odds by Phil Collins left everyone in tears and sent him to the next round. He got hugs from the kids and took them to get ice cream.

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Cam Bertrand: He is a 27 year old comedian who looks like he is in his teens.   He jokes about getting carded buying booze and how no teen in their right mind would buy wine for a house party or to eat with their Taco Bell. Howie wants him to be less one dimensional, but agrees with the judges that he should go to the next round.


Breez: She is a contemporary dancer who began dancing to overcome her shyness. She is incredible and can move better than some of the professional dancers! She gets four yeses.


After another montage…this one of all yeses….we get to a mother/daughter danger act that surprisingly gets sent home, despite being unique and pretty good.


Guppacharos: They are Mexican dancers and singers that spend a lot of time shirtless. It is very Magic Mike meets mariachi band and of course it is a hit. They go to the next round.


Victory: She ends the night with an opera performance that brings down the house and leaves everyone speechless. Why? She is only NINE YEARS OLD! Rumor has it she can sing in several different languages too! Either way, she is a powerhouse and certainly going places in this world….especially when she buys Simon the promised rainbow glitter shirt if she wins.


However, Simon tells her she is not getting a yes today. He calls Terry to the judges’ table and all five of them give her the golden buzzer!


More next week, stay tuned.


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