America’s Got Talent: Recap for July 13, 2021

America's Got Talent: Recap for July 13, 2021

America’s Got Talent: Recap for July 13, 2021

Tonight we have yet another night of auditions on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. I am not sure if there will be a Golden Buzzer, but I am sure that we will be seeing a lot of amazing acts!

Temple London: This is a father/son martial arts act that is filled with tricks, lifts and a ton of other incredible moves I would not think would be in a martial arts routine. The best part is when the father lifts his son and the weight at the same time. These two certainly fave everyone else a run for their money this season. They get four yeses.


Hiplet Ballerinas: This dance troupe is a fun, sassy group of dancers who are inclusive and filled with lots of confidence and fun. Simon calls ballet boring, but is shut down by one of the dancers who says it is only boring if you don’t have the right dancers.

The dance has hip-hop, lyrical, ballet and all sorts of fun stuff mixed in. I am thrilled that they get four yeses.


Reject montage! I have no idea what that was all about, but we had model/rappers, a drummer dressed as a chicken, dancers and singers….just wow.


Sarah Potenza: She was on The Voice a few seasons back and made it to the playoffs round. As she sings, I have no idea why because she is PHENOMENAL! With a voice like this, she is certainly making it to the live shows, the finals and into the Diva Hall of Fame with the other powerhouse singers. She gets four yeses!

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Gramps and Maeve: They are a grandpa/granddaughter duo who once performed on GMA. They are the cutest thing ever and something we all need right now. Howie doesn’t like them, but everyone else, especially Simon, say yes.


Michael and Angelina: They are another dance duo. Their brother was on a few years ago and got buzzed in the quarterfinals by Howie. The mom comes out and reads him the riot act before the act begins.

They are cute and remind me of the kiddo duos from years past. There is something very sweet about them and it makes me smile from start to finish. They get four yeses and an apology from Howie.


Ehrlich: He is from the Philippines and came to America just to do the show. He does a light act with batons that makes them look like they are floating in midair. He gets four yeses.


Another montage, this one filled with yeses!


Hello Sister: This is a girl band who remind me of the Spice Girls from way back when…only with instruments. They are absolutely adorable and I can see them doing some sort of kid’s show in the future. They get four yeses…even though Howie initially says no.


Michael Winslow: He is a famous actor best known for Police Academy and Spaceballs. He does some sort of voice act which is quite interesting. I am curious to see where it goes in future acts, as are the judges, who send him to the next round.


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Kevin Micoud: He is a mentalist who uses holograms for his act. I have no clue how he does it, but it is so cool to watch. I am literally mesmerized by the entire thing….especially when he can guess the past contestants that the judges have on their minds. He gets four yeses.


Scarlett Business/Kyle Cragle: Kyle is a contortionist who performs in drag. It is so incredible because the act is done entirely in high heels and leather. Again, I am completely in awe watching this act. There are so many elements added in, including hand balancing and a lot of attitude. Of course the judges unanimously say YES!


Ray Singleton: His wife is a veteran who has been battling brain cancer. However, she is now in remission. He does a cover of a John Legend song and I am left in tears. I have no idea how to react because not only is the performance beautiful, but it has so much love and heart behind it. He gets four yeses.


More next week, stay tuned.

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