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Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 9/3/19

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Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise picks up where we left off after Derek’s departure. We waste more time than necessary on it and for some reason Blake is almost in tears over it. Why? Who knows? He is also questioning why he is even still there.

JPJ and Chris bond in the water….and Chris’s title is now ‘Not Gerard Butler.’ I don’t get it.

Now we are listening to everyone give their two cents about JPJ and Tayshia. JPJ thinks it is best that Derek is gone now.

Mike and Tayshia talk about whether or not their person is there and where things will go post Paradise. She is questioning her relationship with JPJ and if it will work in the long run.

Chris and Katie kiss and she reflects on where their relationship is going.

Demi and Kristian also talk about their relationship.

JPJ and Tayshia also talk. This seems to be the theme of the entire episode….let’s talk about where we stand and where things might go, screw it, let’s make out….or cuddle.

Clay thinks it will be hard to see Angela date and am I the only one who finds that to be completely understandable?

Chase comes in with a date card and takes Angela out. Can I say I am so jealous of her hair?

Tayshia and Nicole make fun of Angela and are we fifteen? Angela literally did NOTHING wrong.She and Clay have a past and they probably still care for one another/don’t hate each other so I see nothing wrong with anything. Is it weird for them to see each other with other people? Of course. However, anyone would feel that way if they were in the same room as their ex and their ex’s new person. At the end of the day, I think they want each other to be happy. Although I do get Clay being worried about Angela’s presence playing a role in his new relationship.

Mike and Clay talk about Angela. Clay gets why people would want to be with her. Mike is being a gentleman and seems to not want to overstep boundaries. He also thinks they need to clear the air.

Chase and Angela’s date is about her and Clay and this is now getting ridiculous.

More couples making out….more of Blake whining. Blake has some weird thing with Kristina in his mind and says she is the one he calls when things go wrong….could he be falling for her…again? He takes her aside and they talk about his feelings for her. She is a bit sassy with him, until he admits there is something there. They butt heads like no other, but he feels like something is there that is special. She needs more convincing and tells him to sleep on it.

Chris Harrison tells them that there is a rose ceremony tonight, so everyone mingles and try and get a rose. The ladies are giving out roses tonight, so they try to figure things out.

Awe, Old Matt Donald is so sweet and shy. He seems like a gentleman and someone I’d take home to my mother. They give him kissing lessons and it’s so funny and adorable. JPJ also helps him calm down a bit.

He finally kisses Sydney and it is a bigger deal than it should be.

More mingling and then we finally get to the rose ceremony. Oh, there is also more with Clay and Angela, but it is the same thing over and over….who wanted what, miscommunication and there is no hope for a reconciliation at this point.


Nicole to Clay

Angela to Chase

Kristian to Demi

Hannah to Dylan

Katie to Chris

Haley to Luke

Caelynn to Connor

Sydney to Matt

Tayshia to JPJ

Kristina to Blake

Awe and they are more than friends now!!! YAY!!! Sometimes it takes weird twists and turns to make things work.

Mike is gone….aweeee…..maybe he will be the next Bachelor. He’s another one I’d take home to my mother.

Just as Kristina and Blake make progress, Bri comes in….making Kristina worried she will ask him out. No clue who Bri is….but of course she talks to Blake. Kristina is insecure and sad until Bri decides to go out with Matt instead. However, she isn’t sure she can trust him. He is willing to prove himself to her.

Now Sydney is pissed.

The other couples mingle and try to figure out where they stand. There is a lot of advice giving from friends as well.

Dean returns minus his mustache. He comes for Caelynn and asks if they can leave together. Poor Connor is so upset.

More next week. Stay tuned.

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