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Tribeca 2021: Republique

Tribeca 2021: Republique

Republique will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this week and it promises to be one of the most interesting interactive movies of the year. Check out more details below!

REPUBLIQUE is an interactive film that plunges the participant into the emotions felt during an attack in the Paris Metro through three parallel storylines, letting you switch from one to another.

Tribeca 2021: Republique
The film unfolds through three simultaneous video feeds, each one mimicking a social media live feed. At any time, the user can drag his finger across the screen to switch from one feed to another. Between the panic of the moment, the comments from followers, and the occasional loss of signal, the viewer is immersed in the flow of wide-ranging sources of information that flood our perception of reality whenever such an attack occurs.

Lucie and Rio embark on a live “urbex”, entering the Paris’s abandoned underground network. The two teenagers share their adventure live on social media. A pair of young lawyers are on a metro platform, on their way to meet some friends. They film each other as they wait for the train. A couple say goodbye on the street. As he heads into the subway on his way to work, she goes to meet a friend for the evening. Behind her, a journalist starts doing a live broadcast. They don’t yet know it, but in a few moments their fates will be bound by a terrorist attack that will change their lives. In a matter of seconds, they will enter into darkness.

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