ICMYI: Young Sheldon Recap for A Lock-In, a Weather Girl and a Disgusting Habit

ICMYI: Young Sheldon Recap for A Lock-In, a Weather Girl and a Disgusting Habit

ICMYI: Young Sheldon Recap for A Lock-In, a Weather Girl and a Disgusting Habit

The episode opens with Pastor Rob asking Mary if the church ever had a lock in for the youth. She tells him Pastor Jeff isn’t into it, but he convinces her to ask him anyway. Pastor Jeff agrees to it and they begin to plan.


Georgie helps a girl named Mandy use the washer. They hit it off and she begins to throw her undies in. He promises not to look, but ends up peeking.


Mary tells Sheldon and Missy about the lock in. They are against it at first, but agree to it when Missy finds out there are going to be boys there and Mary convinces Sheldon to be her spy.


Mandy comes back to the laundromat and asks Georgie how to get wine stains out of rayon. He tells her to soak it and they continue to bond. She tells him that she used to be a weather girl until she broke up with her station manager.  The two agree to go to dinner….and he tells her he is 21.


Mary asks George to chaperone, but he says no. She takes Missy and Sheldon to the lock in, where Pastor Jeff tells her that he already confiscated shaving cream, stink bombs and Dirty Dancing. He comments that all dancing is dirty and leads everyone in a prayer.


The people at the lock in watch Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. Billy tells Missy that if she gets scared, he will be there.

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Pastor Jeff leaves, saying the baby has a fever. Peg offers to help, but Mary convinces her to stay. She says if they find booze she calls dibs.


Mary, Pastor Rob and Peg begin confiscating things, including Sassy Magazine and water balloons, all of which they were told about by Sheldon.

MeeMaw calls George and asks him if his power is out. He says they are fine and offers to go over or have her come over. She says no, so they hang up. She goes to get dinner, where she spies Georgie and Mandy together, enjoying a drink. She covers for him regarding his age and leaves them alone.


George calls Tom to get a drink, only to end up running into Brenda. Things are awkward, but Tom buys a round of beer. While he is gone, George and Brenda admit they went to the bar to avoid each other. When Tom gets back, Brenda tells him about Billy. He remembers him from poker night and says he loves that kid.


As Tom gets more beer, George decides to leave. Brenda thinks he is mad at her, but he says that is not the case.


Mary and Pastor Rob go to put away the forbidden goodies when they discover hidden cigarettes. They bond over secret smokers and decide to indulge. They continue to talk and recall how they began smoking. As they talk, they are spotted by George, who had gone to the church to surprise Mary.


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The episode ends with the kids getting ready for bed and Sheldon asleep while hiding and Adult Sheldon saying he is the king of sardines.

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