Central Park Dark: Cybil Lake and Tom Sizemore

Central Park Dark: Cybil Lake and Tom Sizemore

Central Park Dark: Cybil Lake and Tom Sizemore

Central Park Dark promises to be one of the most incredible indie movies that has come out in 2021.  Starring Cybil Lake and Tom Sizemore, the movie follows two characters who end up in a tangled, scary web after a one night stand. The movie is not only well acted (and well deserving of some awards!), but it is one of those movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Check out some revelations that the stars shared in a recent interview with TVGrapevine:

1. The movie follows Anna (played by Lake), a woman who has an affair with a married doctor, played by Tom. While he thinks everything is over between them, the two end up having a huge argument, leading to Anna committing a desperate act. This results in Tom having nightmares and dealing with dark forces….and you will need to watch to find out what that means and what happens to them both.

2. Tom and Cybil shared that the movie was a very interesting experience, especially since it was filmed in Central Park during the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of things had to be adjusted, not only due to said pandemic, but in order to get the correct feel for a horror movie. However, everything worked out to everyone’s liking, making the movie that much better.

3.Cybil was also the brain child behind the movie. She not only starred in the movie, but she wrote, produced and directed it as well. It was a lot of hard work, but the end result is something she is very proud of sharing with the world. What may surprise people, though, is that it was pre-inspired by something that happened to Cybil in real life. (No spoilers, but I am sure people can figure it out) Cybil proved that she is a woman of tremendous power with this movie and made it obvious that she is on her way to becoming a household name.

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4. The most amazing part of this project? How well Tom and Cybil get along off screen. Our interview was done in tandem, so I got to see the two of them together in their element (or more accurately, listen to them on the phone together) and it is obvious the two of them have a special friendship. They not only bantered with one another, but also showed a beautiful sense a support for one another. It is a goal we should all have when it comes to friendships and something I hope to find in the future.

Central Park Dark is out now.


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