The Bachelorette Recap for 12/15/2020: The Hometowns


Tonight is the hometown portion of ABC’s The Bachelorette. I am curious to see how they handle it during COVID-19 and if they will be doing any kind of social distancing.


Chris Harrison says that their families will come to the resort and have them put together dates that mean something to them. Family and friends will be tested prior to coming.


Zac’s parents and brother will come to the date.


Ivan’s parents are arriving.


Ben’s sister is there to see her.


Brendan’s brother, sister-in-law and niece are there.


Brendan has the first date and is emotional because his brother took on the father role when their dad passed away. He says it is an honor to have him there and that he is thrilled to see his niece and sister-in-law as well.


Tayshia is nervous about meeting his family, but is at ease when she meets his niece Ailyah. They play some carnival games and she is moved by how much he adores Ailyah. They also make up a special handshake and dance, which is adorable.


The night portion of the date consists of Tayshia meeting Brendan’s brother and sister-in-law Christi. They joke about the earlier part of the day and fill them in on previous dates and fun moments. Then Brendan goes to talk to his brother, while Tayshia bonds with Christi and then switch.


Before long, it is time to say goodbye. Tayshia tells Brendan that she loved his family. She also sees him as her husband and there with her at the end.

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Zac’s date is next and they have a NYC themed date where he shows her how to hail a taxi. They drive Fred Flintstone style to a bagel kiosk, where they debate over toppings. Afterward, they enjoy pizza and talk on a bench by the ‘skyline.’ He tells her about his family and how he thinks they are going to love her.


The two of them then go to meet his parents and brother. The five of them talk about their date and journey thus far. Matthew, who is Zac’s brother goes to talk to Tayshia and get to know her and see where she stands with Zac. She avoids talking about where she stands with the other guys, which Matthew kind of sees at a red flag. However, his father Douglas is thrilled to finally see Zac smile again. She also bonds with his mom, who toasts to their growing relationship.


Zac also talks to his family about falling in love with Tayshia, and then it is time to say goodbye.


Ivan has a cooking date planned, which includes a video of his four year old niece teaching them how to cook. It is sweet, as is the bond Ivan seems to have with her. The two of them dance and then talk about his family before going to meet them for the second part of the day.


His parents fall in love with Tayshia right away, especially his mom, who has a sweet heart to heart with her. She then bonds over his father Clarence over the fact that they were both married before and the lessons they learned from their first marriages. Ivan also talks to his parents about his feelings and expectations. They are happy for him, despite having some reservations.

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However, the best part is when his brother shows up as a surprise. He takes time to talk to both Ivan and Tayshia and it is obvious it means the world to Ivan.


After they say goodbye, Tayshia and Ivan spend some time bonding and recapping the day.


Ben has the last date of the episode and treats her to a Venice Beach day with swimming, juice and skating. He tells her his parents were unable to attend, but his sister will be meeting her instead. He tells her again how close they are and how much she helped him in his darkest times.


His sister Madelyn and their friend Antonia is there to greet them. They bond over drinks and then Madelyn has a heart to heart with Tayshia. She explains Ben is a bit more guarded, and he isn’t hiding anything, he just has his walls built up high.


Ben then talks to Antonia about his feelings for Tayshia and how he has changed. In that moment, he realizes he is in love.


However, when he gets her alone again, he is unable to share his feelings. After he says goodbye to her, he beats himself up for blowing it.


Chris talks to each guy before we get to the rose ceremony.


Ivan (Sweet uncle/brother)

Zac (Baby Mauricio Umansky)


Final rose of the night:

Brendan (Carnival dude)


Ben is eliminated, which is heartbreaking to watch. He tells her she has three amazing men left and she walks him outside. She says the thinks he is incredible, but feels as if they are on different pages at this point. He says he will be okay because he always is, but she doesn’t want him to shut down. He admits to being heartbroken, but promises he will be okay as they say goodbye one last time.

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She says she is upset he showed no emotion, but in the car, he is in shock and doesn’t know what to do and thinks he blew it.


More next week, stay tuned!


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